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Update 11/13/14

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Lake level is 605.4. Water clarity is pretty good. Water temp is 48.

CRAPPIE: Well, it looks like we missed the fall bite up in the creek arms. As far as I know they never made it up there. It is possible that could still happen if the lake doesn’t freeze up first. Right now the bite is pretty tough. We managed to keep a few that we caught in 12 FOW this past Sunday but mostly we caught shorts. Not one came on a minnow. I would try the bridge piers, riprap, or bluffs if I was going to head out.

BASS: We saw a nice 2# white caught the other day, other than that no reports.

CATFISH: No reports

NOTES: Saturday is the firearm opener so everyone be careful out there. There will be a lot of people in the woods and naturally there is the occasional person who isn’t as safety conscious as we would like. Wear your orange!! The rut is definitely on. I almost ran a very nice buck over in the State Park this week. We do still have a motel room open for the weekend.

Update 11/7/14

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Lake level is 606.7. Water temp is right about 50 degree’s. Water in the creek arms is still pretty colored but the main lake is fairly clear.

CRAPPIE: We are hearing reports of some fish getting caught again. You will have to work for them. The most common theme seems to be 8 to 12 FOW. We are past due for the shad to move to the backs of the coves and up the creek arms but it does not seem to have happened yet. When it does, thats where the crappie will go as well. Hopefully before ice up.

CATFISH: No reports

BASS: No reports

NOTES: The deer rut seems to be starting off slow. While people are seeing bucks chasing does it is not in great numbers at any given time. Maybe this cold weather coming in will help that.

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