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Friday, July 31st, 2015

The ramp at 107 is open with courtesy ramps in place and fish cleaning station ready for use. Also, we are now off of high water ramps and back on the regular ramps with courtesy ramps in place. It looks like we are heading in the right direction finally. Now if the crappie will start to settle down…..

Update 7/29/15

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Lake level is at 625.2. It has held surprisingly steady considering all the rain in the area. The North Fork area seems to have been hit the hardest so I would assume the water is more dingy up there. Water temp is mid 80’s.

CRAPPIE: There are still a lot of small fish being caught, but you will have to work for bigger fish. As evidenced by the tournament results the last 2 weekend there are still bigger fish out there. finding them and enticing them to bite is the challenge. There are tons of shad out there. Look for them and fish under them. As the shad move around a lot, you will have to also.

BASS: We have heard of some pretty good bass fishing the last couple of weeks. Even the white bass are starting to show up. Again, look for the shad and throw something shiny or white pas the shad, let it sink, and retrieve it. Hang on, they are fun to catch.

CATFISH: Have not heard much this past week, but I am sure if you get on the points and current breaks along the main channel you will find channel’s and even some blues. Now that I think about it, we have heard of some 15 to 20# flatheads as well. Just talked to a fisherman that caught 13 channel cats today.

NOTES: We will be hosting the Crappie Masters Kids Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, August 8. It is for kids 15 and under and starts at 9:30. Bring your rod n reel and have some fun. Call Mary for more info.

Update 7/23/15

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Lake level is at 626.4. Maybe we will have a few more ramps open this weekend. I will try to post here as they open. North Fork got a pretty good influx on Tuesday so might be more stained than the rest of the areas.

CRAPPIE: Still a tough bite, but there are some people catching decent fish as evidenced by the tournament weights this past weekend. My understanding is the best fishing was early in the morning. I believe a slip bobber might be your best bet as they seem to want the bait to sit very still. Dangle a minnow and a nibble in front of them long enough and they will take it sooner or later.

CATFISH: Reports of some blues and flatheads getting caught so it looks like they are coming off the nests. There are almost always channel cats biting somewhere. Try to rocky points with a crawler or stink bait for them.

BASS: I know of people catching quite a few decent fish, though as usual you can’t find out where and on what. I assume points would be a good place to start.

NOTES: Right now the open ramps are the high water ramps, South Fork, and Ray Behrens, though the last 2 do not have courtesy docks out. The amount of debris on the water has lessened quite a lot, but you still want to keep a careful eye out. If you are pulling a skier or tubing take a dry run around the are so you can see where the obstructions are located. Be safe!

Update 7/9/15

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Lake level is 630. Looks like it will not go much higher unless we get more rain. Surprisingly, the water seems to be clearing fairly quickly after these episodes of rain and within a couple of days is fishable again. At least on this end of the lake, everyone is talking about how many shad are out there. That’s at least a good sign.

CRAPPIE: Mostly we are hearing about a lot of 5-7″ fish with a few decent keepers thrown in for good measure. Hopefully things will settle down soon and we can get to our normal summer fishing patterns. I would try the bluff faces, bridge piers, and any point you can find that doesn’t have 30 FOW on it.

BASS: No reports

CATFISH: Plenty of channel cats being caught right now. Also quite a few blues and even the occasional flathead. Look for water flowing in for the channel cats. Nitecrawlers or stink bait should entice them.

NOTES: We are on high water ramps for now, which means Stoutsville, Robert Allen, Indian Creek, and Spalding. If you put in at Southfork please make sure to give the bouy’s wide berth. They are marking the guard rail and hitting that will be expensive.

MORE NOTES: Don’t forget, we are serving food here on Friday and Saturday nights from 5 to 9 PM. We are also back in the pizza business after a short break from that. The bar out back is open from 5 to 9 also for a nice cold beverage.

Update 7/1/15

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Lake level is at 629.7 and falling (finally). It would appear that we will be on high water ramps over the holiday weekend based on the current drawdown rate.

CRAPPIE: We are starting to hear about people catching fish again finally. Mostly small ones, but that is better than what has been biting for the last few weeks. It’s a start. I can’t even begin to suggest where to start fishing, but I guess I would start on a summer pattern. Find structure that is fishable about 12 feet down. That is the normal summer depth for the fish to be hanging out. I think a slip bobber with a minnow and a nibble would be a good way to go so that bait can just sit in front of them until they get up the ambition to attack it. Either that, or dead-stick a jig. Start with a jig that has at least some chartreuse on it.

CATFISH: There are quite a few blues getting caught now and naturally, a lot of channel’s. Nitecrawlers work best for them. Find that in-flowing water for the channel’s.

BASS: We have not heard much about either whites, or largemouth recently.

NOTES: With it being 4th of July weekend please be mindful of others both on the water and also on the ramps. Get your boat and toys ready BEFORE you are ready to back down the ramp. It is quite aggravating to see someone sit in line for 15 minutes doing nothing to get ready and then when their turn comes they decide to blow up toys, load coolers, etc. Do all you can to be ready to go. It will make the day more pleasant for everyone. Have a safe, Happy, Independence Day. Remember the folks that are putting in the time so we can enjoy the rights we have. I propose a toast to all of them!!!

Another note: We are now serving BBQ on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5:00 till 9:00. We have pulled pork, usually chicken, brats, ribs, or whatever else strikes my fancy to smoke. The bar is now open on those nights as well. Stop in and say hi.

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