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Update 8/26/15

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Lake level is 607. After being so high all summer we are finally back down to normal pool. Water temp is low 80’s. As cool as it has been the past few days we will see water temps back in the 70’s in no time. I get the feeling fall turnover will happen earlier than normal this year.

CRAPPIE: The people that are catching seem to be fishing in deeper water 20 to 30 FOW with the fish anywhere from 6 to 12 feet down. White/green, white/blue seem to be working the best especially tipped with a minnow. They seem to be concentrated so move around until you get bit, then work whatever structure you found over more thoroughly. Don’t forget the nibble.

BASS: Decent largemouth still seem to be hitting ok. 4 or 5 pounders are being caught and I even heard of some over 6. There are also some white bass being caught while fishing for crappie so I assume if one worked at them you could do well on them. Try the islands in the evening or rocky points.

CATFISH: Lots of channel cats being caught on the flats. I have heard most people say they are catching them on minnows. We weighed in a 55# flat head today. We are hearing of a lot of blues as well. Time to get after them again.

Update 8/20/15

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Lake level is 611. Water is quite clear. Water temp is low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is definitely getting better. Used a jig and minnow on Sunday evening and kept 15 good fish. Ranged from 9.5 to nearly 13. Fished 30 FOW on trees. Cast and retrieve. They seemed to be anywhere from 6 to 12 feet down. We are hearing of a lot more people catching nice fish. Should be a great fall fishing season.

BASS: Still getting good reports of lots of keeper bass. Main lake points sound like to the place to start.

CATFISH: Quite a few blues and channels being caught. It still seems like they are mostly on the flats mixed in with crappie.

Update 8/12/15

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Lake level is at 617. Water clarity is pretty good by all reports. Naturally some areas are better than others. Water temps are in the low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: Fishing seems to be picking up. We are supposed to have 4 or 5 days of steady weather so that should also improve the fishing. I saw a lot of pink/white and blue/white jig bodies in use. It is summer fishing so dangling a minnow under a slip bobber is a great way to fish right now. Start at about 12 feet down over 15 to 20 FOW. I heard of a lot of fish being caught in 6-8 FOW on flats also but that is more conducive to trolling or spider rigging.

BASS: We are hearing good things on the bass fishing right now with tournament days of 16 or more keepers being caught. Try the points. No word on White bass lately.

CATFISH: There are lots of blues and channel cats being caught. A lot by crappie fishermen even. They can be heck on a trolling rig, but good fun anyway. There are a few flat heads being caught in the 20-30# range up on the flats as well.

Our annual 4 week tournament run is now complete so it is time to relax and just enjoy the fishing. The lake is getting down to normal, which should do nothing but help the fishing. Be safe out there.

Update 8/7/15

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Lake level is 620 and coming down. The beach at Hwy 107 is open. All ramps except a few of the small ones are ready to use and docks are in place.

CRAPPIE: It looks like the way to go is trolling the flats or deep ledges is the way to go right now. We are seeing a lot of pink/white and blue/white jig combinations in use. Minnows seem to be helping a lot. The thermocline is about 15 feet down so most of the fishing will be above that level. If you can find some brush piles that top out just above that you should be able to catch some fish. there are still a lot more 6″ to 8″ fish being caught than big ones.

BASS: We have heard good things about the largemouth bite. 6 fish weighing near 18# is not uncommon right now. Naturally, bass fisherman don’t talk much so not sure where to tell you to start.

CATFISH: There are a lot of blues in the 15 to 25 pound range. It seems cut bait is working well right now. We also hear a lot of channel cats are biting. Look for ledges and any inflow of water. Crawlers and stinkbait are working. A few flat heads in the 20# range have been coming in as well.

NOTES: Crappie Masters tournament is tomorrow. Weigh in is at Chigger Hill starting about 3:00. The Kid’s Fishing Rodeo is here at the resort with registration from 8 to 9 am and fishing from 9 until 10:30. Bring your fishing poles and join the fun.

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