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UPDATE 4/27/16

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Lake level is at 605.3. It is pretty stained from the rain we have gotten recently especially here on the south-west end. Water temps are about 63.

CRAPPIE: They are working at getting ready for the spawn. Males are starting to show up near the bank with females holding out a bit further. I have heard about 10 FOW for the females. This cool wet weather will hold them off a little longer. I look for them to start hot and heavy at any time now. A couple of days of steady warm weather should do the trick. There are people out doing well even now.

CATFISH: There have been some good flatheads taken over the past couple of weeks but not a lot of them. Even the blues seem to have slowed somewhat. Channel cats should bite good now with the recent influx of water into the lake.

BASS: There are a few whites being caught while crappie fishing. We have not heard much about largemouth yet, but then we seldom do.

NOTES: Seems like there are a lot of turkeys around this spring and we have seen quite a few taken. The weather should be good for another good hatch this spring. Also, we are starting our “Baithouse BBQ” this weekend. We will be serving from 5 till 9 on Friday and Saturday nights. Ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and new this year we will be adding burgers to the menu for those that don’t like smoked food. We can also do pizzas. We have started to carry the TJ’s line from St Louis. You can also get a cold beverage at the “Baithouse Bar”. We look forward to seeing you.

UPDATE 4/19/16

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Lake level is 604.7. We got 1/2″ of rain today but I doubt it will do much to the lake level as it was pretty dry around here. Water is stained to MTL clear. Water temp is low 60’s.

CRAPPIE: People are catching fish in shallow water but mostly not on the bank yet. This could change by this weekend with the warm weather we are having. By all reports it is going to be a spring where you will likely have to sort through a lot of smaller fish to keep a limit of 9″ or bigger ones. There are lots of fish in the 4-7″ class.

CATFISH: Quite a few channel cats are starting to show up in shallow water along with the bass and crappie. Also, we are starting to see some flatheads. We saw a 65# monster this weekend. Blues seem to have slowed a bit but they should start again soon. Shad seems to be the best bait right now.

BASS: There are some white bass being caught in shallow water mixed in with the rest of the fish. I am sure if you go up into the creek and river arms you could do well on them. We have not heard anything on black bass yet.

NOTES: This is likely to be one of those rare trifecta weekends where you can hunt turkey in the morning and then spend the rest of the day catching crappie and finding mushrooms. We have heard of some being found last weekend but the rain will really make them pop.
Good luck, have fun, and be safe out there. There are quite a few hunters in the woods. If you are going to walk around the woods looking for mushrooms either wait until after 1:00 pm or wear some orange so you are visible.

UPDATE 4/7/16

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Lake level is hovering around the 605 mark. Water temp is approximately 50 degrees. I assume pretty stained due to the high winds we have been experiencing the past couple of weeks.

CRAPPIE: People are catching fish but most of them seem to be running on the smaller side at 7-9 inches. I hear pretty scattered reports of where they are catching them. Anywhere from 3 to 20 FOW. Warmer calmer days you should start finding the males starting to move in to shallow water to start building nests in some areas, or feeding up for the spawn in other areas.

CATFISH: Most of the catch seems to be blues right now, though we did get a picture of a 44# flathead caught last weekend. I will get that posted tomorrow. Shad still seems to be the bait that is performing the best.

BASS: We have not heard of any yet, though I have to think there are white bass up in the creeks and rivers. Walleyes too probably.

NOTES: This weekend is youth season for turkey. The store is now open for regular hours. We are open from 7 am till 6 pm all week except Sunday, when we try to close at noon so we can try fishing too. Also, launching fees at the ramps are now $5. A year pass is available at Corp campground gates for $40.

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