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UPDATE 9/16/16

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Lake level is 608.2. The Corp is working on getting it back down so mostly we will be in a falling level pattern for the next week or so (yet again). If we could ever figure ut how to score big on crappie during this type of water condition we could double our “good” fishing times as we seem to have spent a lot of the summer with falling water levels. Sounds like a good project for us all to work on…putting together a good solution to this pattern. Water temp is upper 70’s. I last heard the clarity on the main lake is pretty good, but in Middle Fork and South Fork it is pretty muddy.

CRAPPIE: I am still hearing deep water, like 50 or 60 feet. There are a couple of methods that seem to be working….either look on your electronics for the thermocline and fish just above that is one. The other is to just slowly lower your offering until you get bit, supposedly in the 20 foot down area. A 1/8 oz jig in blue or silver and a sparkling body seems to work well.

CATFISH: We heard of a few flatheads being taken and also, due to the rising water, the channel cats have been biting real well. As usual, find incoming water and toss out a crawler or some stinkbait such as Sonny’s.

BASS: There are some whites biting on points and around the islands. Black bass have been pretty tough, just in time for the Buddy Bass tournament this weekend.

UPDATE 9/7/16

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Lake level is 604.8. Water temp is about 80. We are expecting some rain over the next couple days.

CRAPPIE: We have been hearing of a decent bite out in deep water, like 50-60 FOW but fishing about 12-15 feet down. Find tree’s in that deep water. Easiest way to fish this way is straight lining a jig and minnow. Blue/chartreuse would be a good color to start with. Another option wa have been hearing about is on the points. You can troll these with crankbaits, pull jigs, or slip bobbers. We have heard of some pretty quick limits getting caught.

BASS: Seems the white bass are hitting pretty good again around the islands and on points. White or shiny is always a good place to start. They are holding pretty tight to the bottom from what I hear so pulling cranks for them could be tough. Largemouth can be caught on the points and at times all the way back in the coves.

CATFISH: There were some pretty good catches this weekend of blues and flatheads, though more flatheads than blues. Perch or shad seem to be the preference right now.

UPDATE 9/2/16

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Lake level is at 605.5 this morning. We had about 2.4? of rain last weekend but they kept the lake pretty steady.

CRAPPIE: As you can see in the posts, there are people catching keeper fish. You really have to just keep trying things until you find what clicks that day. The most consistent seems to be 15-25 FOW and slowly fish your way up until you get bit. Change jig colors to find the right combination. Pink/black, white chartreuse, silver/chartreuse are a good place to start. Minnows and nibbles will help.

CATFISH: We heard of a lot of flatheads and blues this past weekend. We hear of some good ones coming from rod and reel and also free floating jugs. Shad is still the best choice for bait.

BASS: We are hearing of some decent white bass bites again. I saw several boats around the island last nite. They are still catching largemouth on points and some days in the backs of coves.

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