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UPDATE 10/26/16

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Lake level is 605.7. Water is fairly clear unless you find areas that are turning over. Water temp is 63 or so.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is fair but scattered. Some people are catching them in 20 FOW all the way to the bottom. This seems to be the best bet to start at. Others are catching them back in the creek arms in 4-7 FOW. That should turn into the more consistent bite over the next few weeks. Orange/brown, chartreuse/brown seem to be a good color to start with.

CATFISH: Blues are the best bite right now, but I know there were some decent flatheads caught this past weekend. Many more blues though. Goldfish, carp (cut), and perch seem to be doing well.

BASS: Have not heard of many largemouth being caught but a few whites are still biting.

NOTES: Youth season is this weekend. Be careful out there. Our anniversary party is Saturday nite. Stop on in and have something to eat and drink with us. By the way, we still have a couple of motel rooms open for opening weekend of deer season. Give us a call and we can get you set up.

UPDATE 10/18/16

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Lake level is 606.7. Water temp is about 60 on most peoples electronics.

CRAPPIE: The bite is pretty good right now anywhere from near the banks in some spots on some days to 20 FOW on other days. If you have brushpiles to fish now is a good time to try them out at varied depths. Black/Chartreuse seems to be a good color to start with. Some days they want big minnows and some days they seem to prefer smaller ones. Not that you won’t catch fish if you have the wrong ones, but they just seem to bite quicker on a particular size any given day. Maybe by adding a nibble it will reduce that factor.

CATFISH: Blues seem to be the better bite right now between the 2 bigger species, but channels are also a pretty good bite now. The blue bite should only get better as the water cools down as they feed up for winter. Shad, perch, and asian carp seem to be doing well.

BASS: We have not heard much about whites lately, but the largemouth bite seems to be doing pretty good the past couple of weeks. Back in the creeks is a good place to start looking for them.

NOTES: We are having our annual anniversary party on Saturday, Oct 29. It will run from 5:00 until who knows when. We will have chili, sandwiches, beer and soda. Come help us celebrate. Call Mary for details. Hard to believe this is our 9th anniversary already. Also, don’t forget, as usual the youth deer hunt is that same weekend, Oct 29 and 30.

UPDATE 10/5/16

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Lake level is 606.5. They have pulled it down some over the past few days after holding it steady. The fish seem to like the change as the bite has gotten better again. I have heard good reports on bass fishing this past weekend up shallow as the water temp cooled down into the lower 70’s. Crappie seem to be holding over some deeper water- 12 to 15 feet down. Try the bridge piers and the tree lines on the edge of the channels. They will start moving into shallow water over the next couple of weeks and it will feel like spring fishing again. Try orange and brown jigs. We saw a few cats over the last couple of weeks too, mostly blues. That bite also will get hot as the cats fatten up for winter. Perch or shad are a good bet.

NOTES: Don’t forget the Halloween walk up at Indian Creek the weekend of Oct 14-15. It is a treat for sure as they do a heck of a job up there.

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