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UPDATE 2/24/17

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Lake level is 601.3 and you can find some warmer water in some of the coves and on dark bottom flats. There have been some people out fishing the past couple of weekends with the nice weather we were having. This weekend will be not so nice. Most of the people I have talked with are catching 4 or 5 keepers but I did hear of one guy that had a nice limit this past Tuesday. Try the south facing rock bluffs if the sun is shining, or the sunny side of the bridge piers. We have heard of a few blue cats being caught, though not on any of the lines we had out. Hard to believe it is only Feb, as we have robins around and I even saw a bullfrog in the pond the other day. The snow geese have been filling the skies around here for the past several weeks if you are interested in hunting for them.

NOTES: The tree drop is scheduled to take place March 25th. We plan to get started at 9:00 am at the Southfork ramp. Spalding will be taking place the same day. No word yet if they will be doing it at Northfork. If you have trees you want to sink give me a call and we can work through the details to make sure it gets done. As always, we welcome help to get this done. It makes for a fun morning and we are usually done before noon. Give us a call if you can help. We will again be using the Corp barge under Shelly’s steady hand to haul the tree’s out.

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