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UPDATE 11/17/17

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Lake level is 602.2 and has been steady for a couple of months now. Water clarity is good. Water temp is lower 50’s.

CRAPPIE: There are still people catching some crappie. Mostly we hear out on the bluffs and bridge piers in deeper water. It would seem we missed the fall run of crappie in shallow water but I don’t know that we just didn’t hear about is as much. The bite should maintain until the lake freezes over, if it freezes over this year.

CATFISH: There are still some blues getting caught. We had a couple of them over 40# this week. This too should hold up for some time yet.

BASS: No reports, but my guess is one could catch white bass out around the islands if you tried.

DEER: The hunting has certainly improved this week over what we saw last weekend. As we get closer to the new moon and for a day or so afterwards we should see the best movement. We have not seen much activity as far as duck hunting other than some shooting on the lake this past weekend. Hopefully that will improve as the northern ducks come down.

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