UPDATE 4/21/17

Lake level is 605.2 and water temp is mid 60’s. The lake is MTL clear, in other words you can see about 1 foot down.

CRAPPIE: The males are starting to head to the banks and from what we have seen so far the size is quite good with a lot of 10-12″ fish. Pretty much just work the shorelines looking for any differences in structure and you should be able to find some fish. Because the lake level is lower than what we normally see this time of year a lot of the cover we would fish is high and dry so you will have to find some new cover to fish. If this week is any indicator it should be a very good year, though we all know how quickly that can change. This colder weather right now could even have an effect on the bite. This is the time of year a mnnow under a bobber is a good bet.

BASS: We have heard of some decent largemouth bass this past week. One crappie fisherman caught a 6 pounder while working the bank. Yes, he released it. No word on the white bass yet.

CATFISH: There have been quite a few good blues and flaheads caught this past week so it looks like that bite is well underway. Shad seems to be working well.

NOTES: Turkey seasonn is underway so if you step off the boat to check for mushrooms be very careful. Wear some orange if possible. If not at least make some human noise so someone won’t mistake you for a turkey. Also, we will start doing some food on Friday and Saturday nights. This week will be fried chicken, pulled pork, burgers, and fries. Come join us.

21 Responses to “UPDATE 4/21/17”

  1. field frank Says:

    anybody know what the true water level is right now, ? I know the site as of the 21st says 605.2 but was wondering if they dropped it anymore?

  2. Ron Says:

    It is 605.2 as of this morning.

  3. Mark Says:

    Does anyone know if the walk way is in at shell branch.

  4. Brian Says:

    Yes, ramp is in at Shell Branch. New rock in parking lot also.

  5. Erich Says:

    Can anyone recommend the easiest boat ramp to use for someone who is new to boating and using a front wheel drive vehicle. I’m not familiar with Mark Twain’s boat ramps and don’t want to end up stuck. Thanks for any recommendations.

  6. Darlene Reeves Says:

    Most are concrete and fine for 2 wheel drive. South Fork is a good big ramp but can get crazy in summer and weekends.

  7. cooper Says:

    to Erich: both of the state park boat ramps are excellent (hwy U, and rt 107 ) if you are around the state park (Florida, Mo)area. If your are near the dam area the ramp in ray behrans rec area is great. What part of the lake are you coming to … or what what type of waster recreation are you wanting to do? Cooper

  8. Tony Says:

    Has the crappie fishing picked back up since the cold front came in. Im debating comming this weekend or first weekend in may?

  9. cooper Says:

    to Tony, the evening bite is pretty good…mornings are still a little cool. there will be crappie on the banks somewhere for at least the next two weeks depending on where you want to fish. If you only have one weekend i’d come the next week…that way all areas should be great

  10. Erich Says:

    Thanks Darlene and Cooper. I am wanting to come down strictly for fishing to catch the crappie spawn. Lots of great help here. Thank you all.

  11. Bill Says:

    Spawn is done.

  12. jimmy shaker Says:

    7 yesterday. 2 12 in, 3 10in, 2 9.5in. 2 were females. Today 8. wind a real bummer both days

  13. Kenny Says:

    Your full of shit the spawn not done

  14. Mark R2 Says:

    SARCASM…live it learn it!!!! JEESH!!!!!

  15. field frank Says:

    was out sunday am early no turkey , but found some nice crappie. they have moved up quite abit from last Monday, we went to the same spot and caught them from 3-4 ft deep, bigger fish and they were thumping it not just grabing it like they were in deeper water. Fished from 1030 until 130 kept 22 all between 10in – 12in. only had to throw 2 back and a 2lb bass. they were all nice fat fish:)

  16. Bill M Says:

    Erich All of the main boat ramps are good. The Ray Behrens ramp only has one dock in middle with 2 places to launch on each side. Can be a little tight if 4 boats are launching at once. Also a long walk uphill to parking lot. Good fish cleaning station. All the main Corps ramps have poles to help you get in and out of boat if you are needing them. The state park ramps at 107 and Rt U do not.

  17. Bill M Says:

    I would not plan to come this weekend with the bad weather forecast.

  18. Erich Says:

    Thanks for the info Bill. This was looking like a great weekend until I heard the weather forecast. I guess I will hope for next weekend.

  19. Troy Says:

    Spawn is just getting started if weather clears up it’s game on.

  20. Mike Says:

    Can anybody give me a report on the catfish bite? Any size? Areas?

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