UPDATE 5/17/17

Lake level is 617.5 and coming down about 8″ per day. Water is low 70’s. Water clarity is still somewhat dirty. There is still some debris floating but it is certainly not to bad. You will want to keep an eye open for it but for the most part boating is pretty safe.

CRAPPIE: There are some males and females spawning in parts of the lake, and there are some out in 9-12 FOW. In either place they seem to be hanging nearly at the bottom. I have heard a lot of talk about pink/white jig bodies. Be versatile. Try a variety of spots and methods right now.

CATFISH: There have been quite a few blues caught in the last couple of weeks. Shad seems to be the bait of choice. There have also been some nice flatheads coming in. Not a lot of real big ones, but 15 to 30 pounds are getting caught.

BASS: There are some white bass starting to get caught but they don’t seem to have settled into the normal pattern yet. That should happen very soon. We have heard people saying they are experiencing the best largemouth fishing in many years on the lake. No real reports as to what is working.

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  1. Billy Says:

    When people miss out on the spring crappie spawn and fillets they just go bonkers. This is a flood control lake and crappie are just icing on the COE mission. Relax…there is next year….for some of you.

  2. Steve Says:

    Billy go away.

  3. Kenny Says:

    Coming up fri for the weekend staying at ray burns been to busy workings to get up there before now how’s the crappie bite and we’re is a good place to start and what color thanks

  4. BigBassBob Says:

    Kenny, I was up there yesterday for a small bass club tourney and the crappie seem to be biting good for everyone in the midlake. Most are small and you have to go thru several to get some to keep (there is no size limit up there). If you are at Ray Barrens then you could fish the bridge pillars going into lick creek (second pier from either end drifting about 8′ down) or go in dry branch the first big creek on left under bridge. Go 1/2 way back in. Most people are fishing near the bank in the flooded grass or laydowns about 1 to 3 foot deep. Any bright colors or minnows.

  5. Kenny Says:

    Thanks a lot bob I’ll let you know how we do

  6. Fish Says:

    Any advice on where to fish for white bass this weekend.

  7. Easton Says:

    Was out on the water tonight still pretty high but there was little to no debris on the lick creek side

  8. Basser Says:

    How did the bass club tournament go to you and your guys?

  9. Cooper Says:

    To fish,,whites should be trying to head up the Creeks or rivers to spawn,,,try trolling mouths of Creek’s or around points up the rivers

  10. Dwain Says:

    Planning on coming up this afternoon anyone one catching bass

  11. Bob P. Says:

    Fished Lick Creek area on Sunday. No trouble finding fish. Caught close to 100. But only 15 keepers. Slow trolling green/chartreuse tube jigs along the channel edges. Fish were at 15 feet in 30 feet of water.

  12. cooper Says:

    Caught some crappie at various depths,,, most small but a few nicer ones. Some whites are showing up in the evening on shallow humps main lake basin. Only four cats on live bait jugs at bluff ends. Not great, but not bad for holiday

  13. david Says:

    have the black bass spawned out yet there!!

  14. Dwain Says:

    I think all the bsss drowned in the high water, fished sunday tried everything from spinner baits crank baits shakeyhead buzz baits carolina rig from points to flats to bluff ends and the back of pockets one bite

  15. Steven Says:

    Fished 630am to 330pm saturday for black bass couldnt findem anywhere. Caught about 5 white bass very small. Fished up in indian creek in shallow waters. Did they go deep already? Water temps upper 70s.


    Fish O.T.B.at M.T.L.!!!!!!!!!

  17. WhereAreTheCrappie Says:

    Are the crappie still spawning or have they moved out to the points?

  18. Mark R2 Says:

    Wife and I fished Monday. Fished Shell Branch and timber in coves off main lake. Also fished brush piles in 20 to 25 feet of water. Started off slow…mostly smalls on timber. Bigger fish were deep on the brush piles. Fished with white and yellow, red and white, black and chartreuse jigs…most of bigger fish were caught with yellow and white. We ended up with 11 over 10…weeding through a lot of smalls. Long day…we fished from 6:00 to 4:30.

  19. WhereAreTheCrappie Says:

    Thanks MarkR2

  20. BigBassBob Says:

    Basser, I solo fished the tourney and actually won the bass tournament with best 5 fish for 16.71lbs. Had 9 keepers all on spinnerbaits and chatter baits in mid lake coves. Second place was 14.80lbs and 3rd was 1 fish for 6.18lbs which got big bass (I had 2nd big bass at 4.53lbs but only pay 1 place for that). Was a small club tourney with 12 boats and most of the field blanked. It was very tough for most people.

  21. Dwain Says:

    Thanks for the info i did throw a spinner bait but mostly at bluff ends and the weed line edge where the water used to be and evan on some flats with weeds at highway U ramp above the bridge.Just glad to hear they didn’t all drown.Sounds like you had a good day maybe my turn this sunday morning…

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