UPDATE 6/1/17

Lake level is 614.9. Water is still stained but somewhat more clear towards the dam. Water temp is mid 70’s.

CRAPPIE: The bite seems to be pretty tough right now. There are a few people catching some keepers, but they are definitely having to work for them. We hear everything from biting at the bank, to the submerged brush off the bank, to 20 FOW, 10 feet down. There are still some with eggs even. It seems no matter where, you will have to go through a lot of small fish to find the bigger ones.

BASS: The bass bite also seems to be pretty tough right now. We are starting to hear about some whites hitting, but even that bite hasn’t heated up yet. It should be soon though.

CATFISH: The catch is mostly blues and some channel cats right now. There are a few flatheads getting caught but not in great numbers. The blues seem to be running in the 5 to 30 lb range.

31 Responses to “UPDATE 6/1/17”

  1. Erich Says:

    Anyone fish crappie this weekend? I’m going for the whole day tomorrow. Not sure what part of the lake to focus on. I’m assuming closer to the dam since crappie prefer clear water?

  2. Dan Says:

    Was mostly bass fishing Friday afternoon 6/2 – 6/3 and couple hours on Sunday 6/4. Fished points, secondary points and back of coves. Threw top water, crank baits, plastics, spinners, etc and fished number of places up middle fork, towards south fork, Ely branch, Little Indian creak area and near Hway U boat ramp and with 3-4 fisherman we only caught 4-5 really small bass and few small crappie between us. It was tough fishing and brutal hot sunshine on Saturday. Lake has been lowering levels every day so changing lake level don’t help fishing and it was mostly murky to muddy. Still better than best day at work I guess.

  3. Dwain Says:

    So there are still bass i thought they drowned read the last report

  4. COE Says:

    Lets just drain the lake and start over.

  5. Steve Says:

    Anyone get and catfish Saturday or Sunday. I saw some bouncing jugs….!

  6. Steve Says:

    Anyone get any catfish Saturday or Sunday. I saw some bouncing jugs….!

  7. Dwain Says:

    At the beach are in the water

  8. kenny ray Says:

    Kept 12 between 2 of us. Caught a lot of 6 inchers. Fished about 2 1/2 hours. 6 to 10 ft deep around trees. And it was dam hot.

  9. dh Says:

    Steve saw a couple of guys at the boat ramp with a pontoon full of jugs, water patrol was keeping a eye on them.

  10. Michael Jacobs Says:

    What is the water temperature through out the lake?

  11. kenny ray Says:

    It was 85* in Sandy Creek.

  12. Virgil Says:

    Fished Friday in North Fork and caught 129 crappie and kept 30 between 9 and 12 inches. Fishing jigs in 1ft of water. Saturday same area and caught 87 and kept 18. Sunday caught 4 and had to switch to minnows in 10-15 fow. Wound up keeping 10.

  13. Steve Says:

    do you know if they caught any? Wonder what caught H2o patrol attention….was it water patrol or MSHP MDC? to many hooks maybe?

  14. Mike Says:

    There is a limit on the number of jugs (25 per person) and each jug must labeled with name and address owner and must be within site of the owner at all times.

  15. Tom Says:

    Its not the number of jugs,its the number of hooks in the water 33 and you can use your conservation ID number to label your jugs too.

  16. dh Says:

    Steve, Steve, Steve, let me clarify sir. These jugs were laughing, giggling, and drinking beer. That’s was caught the eye of the MSHP. Sorry for the confusion.

  17. Steve Says:

    Hopefully the empty jug was driving….

  18. Dwain Says:

    Hey anyone up there know of anybody that sells beagles as in running rabbit dogs

  19. Bill M Says:

    Fished Mon and Tue at LOZ jigging and trolling cranks. Caught about 40 and kept 20 between 10.5 and 13 in. Fished Thurs at MTL using plain jig and minnow and plain hook and minnow. Caught 80-90 mostly small crappie. Kept 17 between 9 and 11 in. Most caught in 30+ ft of water down 10-12 ft. Size matters.

  20. scott Says:


    My daughter is raising beagles for her ffa project right now she has a litter of 5 for sale. Parents are good hunters. If you or anybody is interested call me on my mobile at 636 970 9932. Thanks

  21. John g Says:

    Have you ever trolled cranks at mtL

  22. Erich Says:

    What part of the lake do you guys recommend for Crappie fishing if I go this Sunday?

  23. Bill M Says:

    Yes, but not my favorite way to fish.

  24. john g Says:

    went fishing Friday caught 9 keepers 9 to 11 inches on minnows 10 feet down in 12 FOW. Tried trolling cranks today and only caught one keeper and three dings. Still learning the trolling crank thing.

  25. Kenny Says:

    Coming up fri what is the lake level now ?

  26. jimmy shaker Says:

    Check corp lake level page from this link. Graph line will give current level and show trends.

  27. Susan L Says:

    If you are fishing multiple lakes, make sure you hot powerwash your boat, drain livewells, dry everything between lakes. Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake are infested with zebra mussels. Please don’t contaminate Mark Twain Lake with zebra mussels because you put a boat in there that has not been decontaminated.

  28. Darlene Reeves Says:

    If you take your boat to Grand Lake in Colorado they dip your boat in hot water and probably has added things in it. That is what they said 2 years ago when we out there and was checking out fishing for future trips. Easier just to rent boat.

  29. Kenny Says:

    Thanks I didn’t not know that about Loz and Truman I will clean it up

  30. field frank Says:

    lake level is right at 611 water temp is 75-77degrees. getting close to 80. Fished last Thursday saw some nice fish being cleanded at ray b.(blackjack marina) found fish after about three to four hours on water but it was time to leave, they were in 40′ and jig was stopping about 15′ down. black an chart jig tipped w niblet. couldn’t catch a keeper unless we were in 40′???. caught over 20 had only two keepers didn’t have time to stay for more.

  31. AlvaX Says:

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