Update 6/14/17

Lake level is at 610.8 and has been steady for the past couple of days. I am not sure how long they plan to keep it at this level but we can sure enjoy it while we can. Water temp is mid 80’s. Clarity is somewhat better towards the damn as usual but is pretty fair on most of the lake. I have heard it is kind of nasty in areas of South Fork.

CRAPPIE: They are starting to pick up more crappie this past week with some limits even coming in. You most definitely will have to work for them though. They are still somewhat scattered but seem to be more towards the summer pattern, which means they will be found 10 to 12 feet down. Find brushpiles or fish the trees. This will be more prevalent as the lake develops the thermocline through the next couple of weeks. Bridge piers are also starting to show some results.

BASS: I have heard of some very good catches over the past week, but it seems they are hot one day and not so much the next. Points are a good place to try. White bass seem to be behind schedule as it seems the islands are still not producing like they normally are this time of year. Occasionally we hear about someone hitting a bunch of them, but not very consistant yet.

CATFISH: Flatheads are likely mostly on the nests about now as are some of the blues, though the blues are still the most consistant catch right now. If you aren’t getting any you probably need to switch to another part of the lake as they may be on the nests in the area you are fishing.

NOTES: Happy Flag day to all!

19 Responses to “Update 6/14/17”

  1. Mark Says:

    Looks pretty much like the lake is done for the summer. Thanks corps.

  2. CA Says:

    Lol. Yeah…..just as well drain it and forget it.

    This rise in the lake won’t hurt a thing. And to blame the corps for the rise is crazy.

    Some of the best summertime fishing I’ve ever experienced has been at high water levels…..Things are just getting ready to get good.

  3. N2Crappie Says:

    The fish aren’t leaving the lake and they got to eat. Sometimes you just got to work at it a little harder.

  4. Chris Says:

    The lake is going to bounce and long as the dam is in place. I’ve just gotten used to bad fishing days when its fillings or draining. Just part of fishing MTL. As soon as it stabilizes, it will be on. I guess I could get mad a the corps. But, they have always said flood control first. Hard to mad at someone being honest.

  5. kenny ray Says:

    I think Mark is right. Done for the summer. I went today, caught about a dozen small ones. Lake color is good though. Next time I go I`m going to get some of Ron`s Southfork magic minnows.

  6. CA Says:

    Yeah…Mark’s right….time to sell your boats and take up decoupage.

  7. Aaron Says:

    Hey guys, I’m planning on camping at the landing this weekend & wanting to run some lines. I will be using the spalding boat ramp. Wondering if anyone has any insight on where I might have the best chance to get ahold of some cats? I’m thinking of trying little Indian cove (have had some descent luck in the past couple years). Also, last Friday went out and had some luck finding some white bass trolling with cranks. Tried crappie, found a few but all dinks, no keepers.

  8. BUDDYL Says:

    Any recent Crappie action to report? It’s been really quiet on this site lately.
    Seems like the summer pattern should be on soon, hopefully before I get there Thursday.

  9. Scotty J. Says:

    FYI, thieves are at it again! My boat license plate and holder were stolen while I was fishing last thurs. at Ray Behrens parking lot…

  10. Scotty J. Says:

    I meant to say boat Trailer license plate…

  11. field frank Says:

    I know what you meant, they should have cameras at all the parking lots. pretty sad when you cant go fishing and leave anything in the back of your truck and find it missing when you come back. don’t feel lonely , they got my transom saver that was hidden under my boat cover and my straps. Now everything goes in the truck locked up!!! Sure would like to catch them stealing something from my truck, it would prob b the last time we would have to worry about that person stealing from anyone again. Same boat ramp. So any crappie biting???

  12. Scotty J. Says:

    To Field Frank, cameras would be ideal!! Can’t comment on the crappie this time, cuz I bass fished all day…

  13. bob Says:

    I have a couple questions about fishing/boating at MTL.
    When is it too windy for you guys to fish? I was on MTL on a pontoon Saturday and the wind was blowing 14-20mph. Boaters (fishing and others) mostly stayed on the north/west side of the lake and everything was fine. What would keep you guys away – 25mph winds, 30?
    Is there any/much night fishing at MTL? I was at Kentucky lake a couple yrs ago and the parking lot was full of truck/trailers at 10pm. I don’t see that here.
    What happens to all of the debris that we hear is out there? Does it all end up at the dam and the corps takes it away or ??

  14. kenny ray Says:

    You can get cameras for your truck windshield. They are motion activated. i`m gonna put one in my truck and point it backwards.

  15. kenny ray Says:

    To Bob, you can get behind a bluff out of the wind. There are no lights on Mark Twain to guide you at night. If there`s no moon it`s pitch black. Google the building of MT lake. it flooded in 1981 I think and the pictures show all the trees that washed down to the dam.

  16. jimmy shaker Says:

    Fished from 6 30 am until noon today. Perfect morning, no wind. Caught ZERO fish. Well 2 4 1/2 inchers. Fished from water works to big and little indian. Flat water no bite. Think I’ll lay back awhile.

  17. Gary Says:

    Fished today till noon. Fished in North fork. Caught limit of 10 to 12 inch crappie. On the bottom 5 to 8 feet of water.

  18. Kenny G Says:

    Was at the lake last Thursday -Sunday. Caught several nice crappie in 8-15 feet of water in the timber. Also a few nice wallie’s

  19. Virgil Says:

    Were you trolling crank baits Kenny?

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