UPDATE 7/18/17

Lake level is 606.7 and dropping about 6″ per day. Looks like they are generating from 9 am to 9 pm. Water is reasonably clear with temps hovering near 90. Whew, that’s some warm water.

CRAPPIE: Summer pattern fishing is the name of the game. Depending on where you are and when you are there, the crappie can be anywhere from 6 feet down to 30 feet down. Watch your electronics, and yes, some of those deep marks could be crappie. Pull them up slow or you will kill every single one you catch. If you see shad busting the surface around you try about 6 feet down as they should be right below the shad. Slow trolling from tree to tree can be quite productive right now. Trolling a crank bait that matches the depth you mark fish is also pretty good. Bright colors seem to be best. As usual, 20% of the fishermen are catching 80% of the fish. They are out there and they are biting so if you are not in that 20% figure out what that 20% are doing different and try it.

BASS: I still am hearing some good things about the bass bite. Not a lot of info about the where and how, but people are saying good things. White bass seems to be sporadic at best. Now that the island is in full view maybe there will be some improvement there.

CATFISH: It seems the blues have started back up. We have heard some good reports of blues between 10 and 20 pounds with a few in the 30# range. The flatheads are still slow, but there are a few coming in that are obviously just off the nests.

NOTES: It appears the minnow issue from last weekend is taken care of and minnows are again readily available throughout the area. Chigger Hill tournament last weekend is in the books with the winning weight for 10 fish at 9.38#. This weekend is the Shack tournament. It is likely the last one. They did a lot of great work over the past 13 years and we will all miss this tournament. I am sure the charities they supported will also miss them.

14 Responses to “UPDATE 7/18/17”

  1. field frank Says:

    John G thx for the crappie report, I think id rather be trolling for crappie in this heat then jigging. were you concentrating on main lake points or river channels?

  2. mike Says:

    Any results from the Chigger Hill tournament on the 15th?

  3. Jerry Says:

    9.38lbs – 1st – Carlo Catalano, Dan Runkel and Jerry Jallas from the Spfld Crappie Club
    8.68? – 2nd – Jim Dandt, Donnie Zuffal

  4. Dan Says:

    Offering a one day only guided Crappie & Total Eclipse fishing trip. Don’t miss out on this trip, your next opportunity won’t come around for a hundred years. The date is August 21st.

  5. CHA Says:

    Hey Ron….I read in your report that some crappie may be holding 30 foot down. I know that fish will go below the thermocline for short periods but typically you find crappie above the thermocline. Do you have thoughts on this? Also, last week while fishing I was trying to find the thermocline with my sonar and I really never did find a distinct thermocline even though I was expecting to find it somewhere around 14 foot as is the case most years by late July. Are you thinking that there is no thermocline yet or do you figure I just didn’t have my settings right to see it?

  6. mike M. Says:

    I’ve been fishing channel edges in 35 fow and down 10 feet. Catching a lot of crappie 9″ with 10″ to 12″ mixed in so as to limit out. I like using tandem rig with minnows. Sit next to the trees and brush piles.

  7. Adam Says:

    The fish are where you find them.

  8. mike M. Says:

    That’s true, but that’s the fun of fishing. My intent was to be helpful.

  9. Jerry Says:

    Any results from the shack tourny?

  10. John m Says:

    86 boats. Dant, Zufal 8 lbs. And change to win.

  11. dave potts Says:

    What island are you talking about that is now full view? Thanks

  12. Ken Says:

    Wife and I were out last night fishing the bluffs. Caught 24 nice crappie ,9inch to 11 inch fish. Fishing in 30-40 foot water and fish were down 10-12 feet using minnows. Water temp was 88-90 degrees. Kept moving and eventually found one set of trees that majority of the fish came from. Got a bite as soon as bait was in the water.

  13. Mike Says:

    CHA the thermocline is down about 30 feet. With so much current this year it’s still deep

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