Update 7/27/17

Lake level is 605.2. Water temps near 90. We received almost 3″ of rain this week, but it was spread out nicely so a lot of it soaked in rather than run off. Water should be fairly clear.

CRAPPIE: The bite has been pretty steady. Typical summer fishing here. Once you locate some fish you can go back day after day and find them in the same area. Usually a jig in pink/white or pink/black will do the job. Of course anything chartreuse usually does ok. The most fish seem to be coming from deep water- 20 to 30 feet, but anywhere from 6 to 12 feet down, and even sometimes much deeper. If you are marking something way down don’t be afraid to drop down and try to entice a bite. It could well be crappie.

BASS: The bite has been ok on rocky points casting jigs. We have heard of a few whites but not in great numbers. That bite has been off most of the summer it seems.

CATFISH: We have only heard of the occasional blue or flathead this week but that should be ready to change as they should all be about ready to come off their nests. You know they will be hungry when that happens.

NOTES: Saturday is the Jack and Jill tournament. That is always a fun tournament for a good cause. Weigh in is at the Paris Fairgrounds. They usually have a silent auction and a live auction.

23 Responses to “Update 7/27/17”

  1. jimmy dean Says:

    The fish are biting on the South Fork bridge piers, on Ron`s South Fork minnows!

  2. Dan Says:

    Great fishing 7 29. Caught limit. Smallest we’re 91/2 in 3 hrs. Nieghbors had 40 in 2 days. On main lake bluffs in trees. 30 ft water 6ft down. Had ton of 8 in as well. Minnow with jig

  3. Bill M Says:

    Anyone know results of Jack and Jill tourney?

  4. Ken Graves Says:

    Went fishing Saturday caught our limit in very short time of nice fish. Main lake bluffs in trees 10-12 FOW.

  5. Dwain Says:

    Any body catching any bass with info to share

  6. Bill M Says:

    Fished Mon from 9-3 0n main lake bridge pilings points and bluffs. Slow trolled using trolling motor with 2 lines in water at all times. One line was rigged with a plain hook and minnow, the other with a black and chartreuse slab daddy jig tipped with a minnow. Caught 40-50 mostly small crappie. Kept 15 9-11 in ones. Fished various depths but was down 10-12 ft. Caught more fish on the plain hook with minnow. Saw lots of schools of small shad. Was first time I have taken my boat out alone since I had my ATV accident last fall. Had to prove to my son that the old man could still do it, as he wanted to take my boat keys away.

  7. SalukiBill Says:

    Bill M, enjoyed reading your post and so glad your able to get that boat out on your own and enjoy some time on the water. Sometimes we have to show these young folks we can still get it done. See ya on the water.

  8. Bill M Says:

    Thanks SalukiBill. Really enjoyed myself. Did you go to SIU?

  9. SalukiBill Says:

    Yep, graduated in 81′ Took a job in Central MO and have been fishing MT Lake off and on ever since. Some years better than others, but MT provides a different experience than Lake Ozark. Good luck and keep fishing.

  10. Bill M Says:

    Saluki Bill , I got my B S in ’62 and M S in 68 from SIU. I lived in Chicago area then and retired to NE Mo in 2003 because of the fishing and hunting opportunities. Thought about retiring at LOZ but didn”t like the touristy atmosphere, large boats and wall to wall docks. Still fish there occasionally. Good fishing and see you on the water.

  11. Tony Says:

    Where is a good place to catch walleye on the lake. I would like to learn how to catch these. Any help?

  12. field frank Says:

    I was told Main Lake points throwing crankbaits is the best way to catch walleye in Mark Twain Lake. Baits that dive to atleast 8-12 foot. I have only caught one and it was on a crawdad color crankbait, main lake point in bass torny weighed about 4lbs and tasted great:)

  13. cooper Says:

    to Tony:: three good ways to catch walleye on this or any lake….#1.night crawler spinner rig use brass or copper blade adjust weight to keep near or on bottom (similiar to carolina rig). #2. twister tail jig tipped with minnow or leach,, 3 – 4 inch in bright colors chart/orange etc. cast or troll near bottom. #3. Berkley flicker shad crank bait (or similiar} trolled or cast near bottom. Walleye like one mile per hour troll speed. this time of year walleye should be and are on channel swing points , ledges or other main lake or big secondary points or flats…you will also pick up some whites. good luck,,,Cooper p.s. you tube is a great source for details

  14. Dwain Says:

    Any large mouth reports coming up tomorrow and would like a starting point

  15. Tim Says:

    Where is the best place to set jug lines on mark twain?

  16. kenny ray Says:

    I found a hearing aid at Ray Behrens parking lot. Turned it in to the Gatekeepers of the campground.

  17. kenny ray Says:

    Also found a rattle snake about 5 feet from the boat ramp. Have pics. It had 9 buttons.

  18. field frank Says:

    was it alive? did u kill it, I heard they taste good. Like to see the pics of it, I do a lot of turkey hunting up there, and always keep an eye open while walking thru the woods. Appreciate the post would like to see the pics of the snake if you could tx to my cell # 314 401 1315 be much appreciated. Thk kenny

  19. Dan Says:

    Nothing to worry about. Rattle Snakes have only 1 button. This snake must have been the Missouri Button Snake, there non-poisoness

  20. field frank Says:

    Dan I think most people who hunt and fish pretty much know what a rattle snake looks like, not sure if you know what a button is, but I just received a pic of the snake and its for sure a rattler!! and they r poisoness, so keep your eyes open while walking up the steps at any boat ramp at MARK TWAIN LAKE they r THERE!!! Its Timber Rattler, Thk for the pic Kenny ill pass it on to all my friends that hunt and fish at Twain, much appreciated.

  21. dave potts Says:

    I remember when MTL first opened the steps going down to the various ramps were notorious for harboring snakes. You had to watch every step.

  22. ron Says:

    From what I can find, some people call them rattles and some call them buttons. They add one every time they shed their skin. The end one is really the only button, but who cares. I would guess it was about 5 feet long? That mouth is big enough to bite me so I will steer clear.

  23. Dan Says:

    I’ve always heard um called rattles and then the button. I have an 8 footer on a board. And he has 8 rattles and a button. Kenny should have caught it and ate it. They are good.

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