Update 8/9/17

Lake level is 604.2. Water is quite clear (for MTL). Water temp is about 80 degree’s. It has cooled considerably with this cooler weather we have been enjoying.

CRAPPIE: Lots of fish being caught right now. Most of them are in the 9 to 11 inch range. Plenty of people are limiting out. Find brush piles in 10 to 20 FOW or bridge piers, or even blowdowns. In shallower water you can find them near the bottom. Pink seems to be a good color choice whether mixed with black or white. Chartreuse will work as well. Don’t forget to add a nibble. Minnows are working well also.

BASS: There are some white bass hitting on the points and islands. Watch for the shad busting. Largemouth seem to be a bit tough right now.

CATFISH: Plenty of channel cats to be caught. Blues and flatheads are still pretty tough, though there are some being caught. I heard of both flatheads and blues in the 25# range over the past few days.

NOTES: We are finally through the tournament stretch so now the folks out fishing will be pleasure or meat fishing. You will find them to be more open to giving out information.

23 Responses to “Update 8/9/17”

  1. Randy Says:

    About a three hr drive for me to get there. Is it a fairly early bite or steady all day long?

  2. Mike Says:

    A 3-h drive to MTL? Can’t imagine where you are traveling from. A fish desert?

  3. Kenny G Says:

    I was up this past weekend and the bite was all day long. Caught several nice size crappie main lake bluffs 10-15 FOW.

  4. Randy Says:

    Thanks Kenny…

  5. field frank Says:

    was up weds eve to put out catfish jugs, and ended up on the water from 8pm until 830 am Thursday. put out 10 jugs but didn’t catch any cats. threw cranbaits at the damn and caught four bass, the biggest was 3lbs, then crappie fished from 5am until 8am . caught well over 50 to 60 fish, kept a limit but had to weed thru the little ones, black an chart tube jigs with a niblet. 30′ water down about 10-12′.

  6. Marty Says:

    Was up today caught over 100 fish managed to keep 21. pink jig with chartreuse tail.Also minnows tipped with pink niblets. Fished bridge piers 50-60 foot of water down 10-12 foot. Almost every cast was a bite. Just wish they were bigger. Fished bigger timber as well but not as productive. Was a great day over all.

  7. JOE Says:


  8. Bill W. Says:

    Everyone needs to be careful where they are running on the lake now.
    There was another accident yesterday with a boat hitting a stump that sent two people by helicopter to the hospital. That is the second one in
    the past few weeks. One of them sank It seems to be the pleasure boaters
    who don’t know this lake or what there is under water when it gets this
    low. If you see a boat traveling in what you know is a dangerous area please try to let them know that they are in danger. I have warned several of them like that the last few times I have been out. Thanks.

  9. Mike Says:

    Boaters should turn on their running lights during the eclipse on Monday Aug; 21.

  10. Rambo Says:

    I remember a while back people were talking about Asian carp in marktwain. Long story short has any1 noticed the cross bread carp at the Indian Creek Marina? Greenish heads with a reg carp body…..

  11. bob Says:

    I personally have fished mt since the 80s some great years some not so great I have a hard time understanding the growth concept every year it is NEXT YEAR SHOULD BE FANTASTIC well two days this week I fished one day and a half caught 150 fish with only 22 not much over 9 inch when does the next year start something is wrong here so many good years now it is a waste to fish it actually gets boring because of small fish I know tourneys produce bigger fish but they are fishing for 7 fish I am looking to feed my family any info would be great HAVE A NICE DAY

  12. kenny ray Says:

    Bob, I would suggest calling one of the guides. Lynn`s fishing guide service has posts everyday on Facebook of all the crappie his customers are catching.

  13. CHA Says:

    Does anyone know exactly where on the lake the two accidents that sent folks to the hospital occurred?

  14. Blake Says:

    Buck creek

  15. Blake Says:

    Sorry ! I was responding to bob not cha. Not sure were accident happened but that’s where we caught fish . I hope everyone’s ok though

  16. Bill W. Says:

    Both accidents happened in Lick Creek. Not exactly sure where in the creek they happened.

  17. john m Says:

    some nasty stumps near mouth of Lick.

  18. CHA Says:

    Bill W….thanks. I know the lake pretty well and don’t have a lot of concern about where I typically run but I thought it’d be worth posting here for folks who aren’t at the lake much.

    Couple summers ago when the lake was pulled down to well under 600 ft elevation, I watched a number of boats cut between the island off Florida point and the shoreline to the south. Folks don’t realize how shallow that is right there.

  19. Virgil Says:

    I fished Fri-Sun catching my limit of 9 1/2-12 inch crappie each day. 10 ft of water using a black and char jig with nibble.

  20. bob p Says:

    virgil no specifics just a general idea of area you fished

  21. bob p Says:

    Kenny ray im not sure why I would want to contact lynn to see crappie that he catches

  22. jimmy shaker Says:

    Nice try Kenny Ray. I gave up trying to give info help long ago.,

  23. kenny ray Says:

    bob p My mistake. I thought you wanted to catch big crappie. jimmy shaker You can give some people GPS coordinates or tie them to a tree and they still can`t catch them.

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