UPDATE 8/22/17

Lake level is about 603.3. Theri site is down right now so I can’t confirm. The rain we got did not have much affect on the levels. Water clarity is good. Water temp is low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: The bite has been good if you are looking for meat fish. There are plenty to catch from 9″ to 11″. They are getting pretty solid since they have all the shad to eat they can handle. Solid chartreuse, pink/Chart, and pink/white seem to be working well. Try the bluffs and bridge piers. We seemed to have our best luck slow trolling, say about .3 to .5 mph fishing 15 to 20 FOW. If there is some timber in your path spend some extra time on them. The fish seem to be a bit bigger at those spots.

BASS: No reports of largemouth this past week. White’s are still not making much noise, though I did manage to see some activity in the midst of all the shad boils, and there are a lot of shad boils all around.

CATFISH: With the rain this week the channel cats are again biting at any inflow. Crawlers are a good bet. There are also some smaller blues mixed in. There are also some blues and flatheads coming in from people running lines or jugs. You should have no problem finding some shad to net.

NOTES: First…be careful out there!!! The lake is at a low level and there are lots of places to get you into trouble. There was another accident this week where some folks in a pontoon hit an obstruction in the water and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Luckily one of the passengers, a little girl, had her life jacket on and survived being thrown overboard. BE CAREFUL!

MORE NOTES: We have minnows again. There was a short disruption Sunday/Monday but we are good to go.

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  1. biill d Says:

    going to try my luck at mark twain this weekend never been on lake before other lakes I have fished this time of year I found my crappie in creek arms would this be a good place to look on mt thanks for any info

  2. Marty Says:

    biill,Read Ron’s comments above and you will do fine.

  3. Scotty J. Says:

    I heard the reason they pulled the lake down so far was to do some repair work on the dam, anybody else hear this?

  4. Bill W. Says:

    Yes I have heard the same thing. But I heard they were going to take the
    lake down to 600 and then work on it. If that is the case they are taking
    their sweet time on doing it. I cross the dam a lot and have not seen anyone doing anything. There was a survey crew on the dam a few weeks ago
    for a few days, but they are the only ones I have seen.

  5. Scotty J. Says:

    Bill W, I bet they’re waiting till after labor day wknd to pull it down much further for safety reasons for boaters,fishermen, etc…but who knows?

  6. Mike W Says:

    I heard they have to replace a turbine and the new one isn’t ready yet. That is why they aren’t lowering the lake all the way just yet. But I don’t know if this is true or not

  7. Ron Says:

    just a reminder…..the crappie limit is 15 per DAY, not 15 per trip out on the water. We have been hearing more and more of people catching more than their limit on a trip or making multiple trips out on the water and keeping a limit each time. You will be ticketed if caught, and I for one will be happy to see it. There is nothing wrong with catching a bunch of fish, but only keep 15. Usually the ones that do this are the same ones that complain that there are no fish in the lake. The Conservation officers are watching close.

  8. Dan Says:

    That’s been going on for years, Ron. If they get caught, they won’t like the fine.

  9. bob p Says:

    also be aware if you spend at least 4 days in lake area you are entitled to keep a state total limit of 60 fish

  10. mark r Says:

    bob p, can you provide a link or web address that says this. I thought you could have twice your daily limit as your total so that would be 30.

  11. bob p Says:

    mark I carry a letter in my vehicle from a few years back that came from the director of conservation rules a retired state police officer and I were always wondering about the limit if you stay more than two days it states exactly what I have previously stated in my reply give me and address and I will mail a copy to you

  12. Jay E. Says:

    Mark & Bob are both right! The impoundment where the fish are caught will dictate the creel possession. The state daily limit for crappie is 30. However, MTL has a special limit of 15 per day. So if you were fishing below the damn you could be in possession of 60 fish. If caught in the lake, only 30. Keep in mind that you can’t keep the fish you caught yesterday in your livewell and add 15 more today.
    I always clean my fish and store them in zip lock bags each day. I use a sharpie to mark the body of water, number of filets, and date caught on the outside of the bag. Never have to worry about a conservation agent, and I can pull the fish FIFO out of the freezer.

  13. ron Says:

    First, I talked to Lonnie at the Corp office…There is NO truth to the rumors about work going on at the dam. Nor new turbine or anything like that. The reason the lake is holding at the level it is at is because the power company has not needed to use power from this unit. Thank you nice weather for that. Second, I have checked several times in the past and bob p is correct in that you can only keep 15 per day, but you CAN have 60 in possession as per state possession limits. Keep them as Jay describes and you will be fine.

  14. Larry Says:

    bob p is correct. We’re talking state daily limit vs. mark train daily limit. You may keep 15/Day from the lake itself, and you better only have 15 while on the lake. If you have kept 15 from the lake you can go to a different body of water, such as the reregulation pool, and keep 15 more for your 30 state wide daily limit. Then quit for the day. Or you can keep 15/Day from the lake for 4 days, then you reach your 60 statewide possession limit, and you better quit and eat some. Hope I splained that ok…

  15. bob p Says:

    another thing you probably already know if you accept fish from another person including guides isconsidered part of your limit one more thing I truly hope people who disregard limits get caught I was at a cleaning station sometime back and two guys were cleaning 12 and 13 inch bass one person called it to their attention their reply RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN its just too bad they didn’t get caught

  16. Jimmyshaker Says:

    I’m at cleaning station and a guy comes in and dumps 30 crappie on table. Lady says wow a little over the limit! Guy says caught them rereg pool where 30 is legal. Lady says if warden shows how you going to prove you got them at rereg. Guy says let him prove I didn’t. Ok lake lawyers how bout that.

  17. bob p Says:

    I don’t think that would fly if agent checks because on the lake you cant’ have that at all if it came from re reg don’t show up at cleaning station on lake wrong move

  18. Nick Says:

    Burden of proof is on the State.

  19. bob p Says:

    what people don’t understand is on mark twain lake you cannot have more than 15 fish in one day re reg is not on mark twain lake you could have caught them at J S lake it does not matter the cleaning stations are part of mark twain lake clean them at home otherwise you will get a ticket

  20. Nick Says:

    I agree but like I said burden of proof is on the State.

  21. bob p Says:

    state don’t have to prove anything if you put 30 fish on mark twain lake cleaning table you’re going to get a ticket and believe me they are not cheap just ask any agent

  22. CHA Says:

    For the sake of arguement Is there a restriction on the use of the fish cleaning stations that I’m unaware of? If I have paid my use fee to use the facilities at MTL and I catch a big ole pile of WHATEVER in a local body of water I may very well use the facilities that I’ve paid for the priveledge of using to clean said fish. No where that I’ve seen is there a rule that says I can’t bring fish from my farm pond 3 miles away from the lake and clean my fish. Am I wrong about that? I’m not advocating keeping more than a daily limit of crappie on mtl and claiming they ere caught elsewhere….I’m totally against that and I feel that anyone doing so should be fined. BUT regarding the rest of the discussion is there a law or rule that says I can’t bring fish from elsewhere around the lake and clean there without fear of being accused of and fined for catching them in MTL? I’d be curious to see that stand up in a court.

  23. CHA Says:

    Ron….thanks for clearing up the question of repair work on the dam. Every time the lake gets below 606 folks on this blog start saying “The corps is going to replace a turbine…etc etc. etc.

    Nice to hear the real story for a change.

    And while I’m at it….big KUDOS to those who maintain all the facilities around the lake….especially the fish cleaning stations. I can’t express how nice it is to walk up to a clean fish cleaning station with nice running water, cutting boards and even bars of soap and scrub brushes for cleaning up after the job is done. That’s a VERY nice perk that we have at MTL. Folks…make sure you’re paying your annual fee or daily fee for these facilities. Money well spent.

  24. John Says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about bob p….

  25. Brandon Says:

    No law or rule. The rule of law is proving beyond a reasonable doubt. I agree the burden of proof is on the State. The Agent is probably not going to believe you but nothing they can really do about it. I don’t think most people are going to catch fish somewhere and clean them at the cleaning stations around the lake because they don’t want to be accused of something they didn’t do but nothing says that they cannot. The regulation says possession on the water meaning no more that 15 per person at Mark Twain Lake on the water. Last time I checked the cleaning stations aren’t located on the water. Doesn’t matter what anyones says because someone gets offended because they can’t be wrong and think they know everything.

  26. Chris Says:

    I spoke to a Warden a few years back about cleaning fish at MTL cleaning stations. Me and my wife caught a couple limits at Route J. He had no problem with cleaning them at the MTL cleaning station.

  27. BarryG Says:

    If the cleaning stations are on a floating dock, you’d be in possession of more than the daily limit on the water. There probably isn’t a length limit below the dam either so you could have short fish in the pile as well. The burden of proof isn’t on where you caught them in this case because the rule is “in possession” on a body of water with those regulations.

    From MOfishmgr on CDC

  28. Larry Says:

    If I’m camping at the state park, Ray Behrens, wherever and catch fish somewhere such as the rereg pool, I would expect to be able to take them back to the cleaning station.

  29. Dan Says:

    Stupid is, What Stupid does. That’s all I gotta say bout that. Haha

  30. John Says:

    As far as I know there aren’t any cleaning stations on floating dock on Mark Twain Lake. Do you people even fish the lake?

  31. Marty Says:

    Keep it going! This is entertaining…….

  32. Dwain Says:

    Are any of you catching enough fish to worry about this

  33. field frank Says:

    my dad always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So lets get back to what this site is for, and talk about the fishing report at MARK TWAIN LAKE!!! Im coming up Friday and would appreciate a crappie report or bass report if anybody has one??

  34. bill m Says:

    one final comment I am glad I don’t fish lake of the Ozarks they have a multitude of floating fish cleaning stations

  35. Jimmyshaker Says:

    Mission accpmplished

  36. Marty Says:


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