UPDATE 8/30/17

Lake level is at 603.1. Water clarity is good by MTL standards. Water temp is upper 70’s.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is pretty good right now with fish being caught in quite a variety of places. I have heard of good catches from the back reaches of some of the larger arms as well as bluffs and bridge piers. As usual, the piers will have generally smaller fish than the arms. Chartreuse seems to be a good place to start but pink is doing quite well also. Minnows are working well. You can catch them on timber from 12 to 30 FOW or even more but the fish are generally running about 12 to 14 feet deep.

CATFISH: We have heard the channel cats are doing ok but with no influx of water they are spread out. There have been some blues and flatheads being caught, especially in the 10# range. As has been the case most of the summer, shad is the bait of choice, though goldfish are also doing ok. As the water cools perch will be good again as well.

BASS: Whites have been sporadic all year for some reason, though we did see a lot of them being caught one evening. As always, shiny or white works well when you can find them hungry. No reports on largemouth recently. With the Buddy Bass tournament coming up in 2 weeks I am sure people are keeping there info to themselves for now.

NOTES: We are still doing BBQ on Friday and Sat nites from 5 till 9. We do have a supply of perch. The lake will be crowded with pleasure boaters for this last holiday weekend of the summer so be careful out there.

ANOTHER NOTE: There is quite a lot of stuff going on in Florida on Saturday, Sept 2 so you might want to check that out.

12 Responses to “UPDATE 8/30/17”

  1. Jimmyshaker Says:

    Fished lower Middle Fork today. Dipped 175 trees, no poo. Released 2 I caught. No boat traffic either.

  2. Mike Says:


    How deep were you dipping?

  3. CHA Says:

    Fished today…..wasn’t half bad…more boats on the lake today than I’ve seen all summer.

  4. Mike Says:


  5. Steve Says:

    Fought a boatload of whites today.

  6. Dwain Says:

    What buddy tournament are you referring to is it an open tournament any info would be appreciated

  7. Larry Says:

    Dwain, good question. I thought the Buddy Bass tournament was discontinued.

  8. JayG Says:

    The “Bud Light” tournament was picked up by The Hitching Post and 154 Marine and is now called The Mark Twain Classic. It is Sept. 16th-17th out of Spaulding. Not sure how many boats, the early bird drawing only had 38 entries.

  9. field frank Says:

    there was 55 boats entered as of Tuesday, there expecting about 80 boats. supposed to be about the same prize money as there was in the last BUDLIGHT TORNY, which had almost 200 boats. because of sponsorships that donated for prize money alone!! its out of Spaulding. Was up yesterday fished from 11am until 4pm caught about 30 crappie kept limit and also caught two channel cat in the back of a cove. Crappie were all caught in 30ft of water about 12-15 ft deep. pink an whte crappie rocket tipped with chart niblet.

  10. Kenny G. Says:

    Was at the lake this past weekend. Was able to catch a limit of nice crappie both day’s in about 2 hours each day. All came off the same crib. 15-18 fow. Electric chicken with niblet.

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