UPDATE 9/6/17

Lake level is at 602. Water is pretty clear for the most part and water temp is 73.

CRAPPIE: The bite is quite good right now. You can catch all of the 9 to 11″ fish you want. Fish the bluffs, deep tree’s, bridge piers, etc. If you can find deeper brushpiles that will also work. I talked to some folks who also caught some nice fish in 2-3 FOW. They are really putting on some weight with all of the shad in the lake. Chartreuse, pink, blue, lots of different things are working well right now.

BASS: Whites have been hitting pretty well recently. White or shiny should get them to bite. Largemouth seems to be getting better as well. Main lake points is a good place to start, but don’t be afraid to head to the backs of the coves either. Throw something that resembles a shad and you should catch them.

CATFISH: Channels seem to be biting pretty good. There are a few more flatheads and blues coming in so that bite must be improving over the past week. There are a lot of smaller blues especially.

NOTES: Our plan is to continue BBQ’ing on Friday and Saturday nites until after deer season so come on down and join us. We serve from 5 till 9. We also have fried chicken.

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  1. Bill W. Says:

    Someone told me that the Corp. said they were only releasing water when the power company was generating. I find that a little strange since I
    was over by the dam today and there are two gates open releasing water and they were not generating. Guess they intend to pull it down to what
    they call “Winter Pool” a little early. But as they say, “It is their lake” so I guess they can do whatever they want. As for the fishing, I
    agree with Ron that it is getting better since the water temp. is starting to cool down. My friend and I both caught our limits in South
    Fork of 10 to 12 inch fish yesterday.

  2. cooper Says:

    to: Bill W. Could i trouble you for a few more details about your crappie catch. how deep the water..how deep the fish? trees, bluffs, points coves ?minnows jigs? thanks cooper

  3. Bill W. Says:

    Fished the creek channel trees from the school bus to Brushy. Fish were
    from 6 to 8 feet deep. Used black and chart. jigs with nibbles. The larger trees had the better fish.

  4. Mike G Says:

    Thanks for all the information here. I’m not much familiar with Mark Twain Lake, but my wife and I recently bought a camper close by. So I look forward to doing a lot more fishing there. I’ve been having trouble finding the crappie. (Maybe I’m just not that good of a fisherman…) But, I’ve been following this blog for the past month or so. And it’s great to be able to share tips to help one another be successful. Thanks again!!!

  5. JayG Says:

    Bill W., I think the water being released out of the flood gates is to keep water moving in the river below. I doubt the lake is dropping much if at any with what little they are letting out because there is always some water coming into the lake.

  6. CHA Says:

    Yup…I’d say JayG has it right…..BillW…surely you understand that the Salt River system is always flowing and if they didn’t let some water trickle out the lake would rise? In order to hold it steady they do actually have to let some water go. Lol. I don’t think Ron or the corps lied to us when they said they only release when generating…..there’s a difference between a release and level maintenance.

  7. Darlene Reeves Says:

    Same thing with LOZ. There is always water going out because there is always water coming in. Water isn’t just released when generating. All dams release constantly because water is always coming in.

  8. field frank Says:

    any reports for largemouth bass?? anybody know how far up u can make it in s fork, middle fork??

  9. Erich Says:

    What part of the lake do you guys fish for crappie? I’ve spent all year around lick creek by blackjack marina and done fairly well. Just curious how other areas compare.

  10. Marty Says:

    Erich, Bridge piers, big timber and points with trees. Also brush piles use your electronics to find them. Good luck.

  11. Erich Says:

    Thanks Marty. That’s usually the type of structure I fish. I’m looking for recommendations on whay sections of the lake people have most luck on. With fall weather setting in im wondering if I should move from lick creek area to south fork or another area. What do you l prefer?

  12. Marty Says:

    I would fish in shallower water until the start of colder weather. I do not do much fall weather fishing. Anyone else fish the fall period?

  13. Dwain Says:

    Anybody got results for the buddy bass tournament

  14. mike M. Says:

    Erich; all the creek arms are good fishing, just fish the same as you would lick creek. This is starting to be fall time, so start at the mouth of the creek and work your way to the back. Good Luck.

  15. field frank Says:

    not sure who won ,but heard that there were three boats that weighed in over 20 lbs think the winners had like 24lbs? had 85 boats total sat lost a few sunday, didn’t look like the same # of boats sunday morning.

  16. Erich Says:

    Thanks Mike! Good luck to you as well.

  17. Dwain Says:

    Thanks Frank at least there catching some it was pretty tough a month ago.

  18. Kenny Says:

    Looking for a place to leave my camper year round any one know any spots open big Larry has a list a mile long

  19. Joe Says:

    Kenny, are you looking for inside or outside. My brother has a 5 acre lot with full hookup available for year round. It is located off of hwy EE by Ray Barrons. you can call or text me and I will give you his contact information if you are interested. 3142208320

  20. N2Crappie Says:

    Is the South Fork Arm turning over? Fished there Tuesday south of the bridge and the water was a murky green. Surface temp was 74 degrees and I didn’t see a thermocline on the finder. Is that cool enough to make the water turn over?
    Fish were biting and got a limit of over 10″ fish with two 12″ and one almost 13 incher. All on blk/chart slab busters and all caught right on the bottom. Twelve to Fourteen feet deep was the best depth.
    Can’t wait to go again.

  21. Marty Says:

    Thanks N2Crappie. Coming up Friday and bringing my parents. This will be probably the last trip for the year for us.

  22. Erich Says:

    I looked online for a length limit for crappie on Mark Twain and didn’t find anything. Is it legal to keep 15 of any length?

  23. field frank Says:

    yes no length limit on twain!!!!

  24. CHA Says:

    So Erich, if you’ve been fishing around lick creek and BlackJack all year and didn’t know if there was a length limit how did you know if you were keeping legal fish? Just seems a little late in the game to be learning the regulations.

  25. mike M. Says:

    Did you know that Lake Shelbyville in Il. has a limit that is 5 fish over 10″ and 10 fish under 10″. That is crappie.

  26. Erich Says:

    I was keeping fish 9in or longer because a few locals I know, do the same. So I figured that was the length minimum. I knew I was fishing legally.

  27. mudman Says:

    At Shelbyville it is 5 fish under 10 inches and 10 fish over 10 inches. This has really improved the catch and still lets people take home five fish each for a meal. Also the nine to ten inch fish are fat. Still like Twain better.

  28. Mike Says:

    So the limit at shelbyville is 15. Do you eat 5 and throw the rest away?

  29. Slabslayer Says:

    No Mike they give them to smart A$$ people like you that do not know how to fish…..

  30. cooper Says:

    kenny…Windmill on hwy U, southfork on 154, elkfork and one eye jacks also on 154 (west) all have open spots for any type rv

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