UPDATE 9/22/17

Lake level is 602.1. Water is clear by our standards. Water temp is upper 70’s.

CRAPPIE: Bite is still quite good. Look for deeper cover, especially if you see shad on the surface. There are lots of pelicans on the lake and they are a pretty good indicator of where the shad are. It is getting to be that time when the shad, and thus the rest of the fish world will head back up the creek arms. When it happens the bite will be a lot like spring spawn time, only the fish will be bigger since they have had plenty to eat all summer. Black/chartreuse seems to be a good color to start with right now. For the most part we are still seeing most of the fish coming just off the bottom. Minnows and nibbles are good additions to the hook.

BASS: White bass have been hitting on the humps and islands. They are especially active at sunset. From all reports the largemouth are also hitting. I would think they will be going back up the creek arms as well.

CATFISH: There are a few flatheads and blues getting caught. Mostly in the 8 to 12 pound range with a few near 30 pounds. This should improve over the next weeks as the water cools down.

NOTES: The Halloween walk at Indian Creek campground is set for Oct 20 and 21. That is well worth checking out. Youth deer hunting weekend is Oct 28 and 29. We will be doing our anniversary party on Oct 28. Give Mary a call for details.

16 Responses to “UPDATE 9/22/17”

  1. field frank Says:

    does anybody know how many boats are in the RICK LAWRENCE BASS TORNY tomorrow??

  2. Tony Says:

    Thinking about comming up sat morn. Will this chilly morn weather affect the crappie bite? And if so what should i use?

  3. field frank Says:

    No if anything it should help, instead of just grabbing the bait they should be a lot more aggressive and start thumping it!! I’ve always done good with black/chart tube jigs, as well as black/pink with green jig head tipped with a crappie niblit. And to answer my own question there were 24 boats in the RICK LAWRENCE BASS TORNY, THIS PAST SAT. Congrats to Lamar and bill for big bass:)the crappie shouldn’t be as deep either to get a bite!!!

  4. Zack Says:

    Ok,fishing is great but how is the bowhunting at the lake? Might think about killing 2 birds with one stone this weekend and hunt and fish

  5. Dwain Says:

    Frank did you hear what the weights were are what they caught them on

  6. BruceH Says:

    Is Oct 28 the day the waterfowl refuge closes? Thanks

  7. lucas howald Says:

    Dwain, There was only two teams that weighed five fish. I think it was right under 12 that won it. Clear water was the key. Most boats that tried going way up the creek arms came to the scales with 1 or 2 fish. Our two came from the lower lake area where the visability was the highest. We had nothing but a bunch of shorts until we moved to clear water. We cranked them out of 7 ft of water. Caught a ton of 12 to 14 inch bass on a savage gear craw in black with chartreuse legs. Mark twain is tough in september for bass, and with the lake low, its even tougher. Crappie are biting though! ten to fifteen ft down over deep water. use your electronics. if you dont have any go to the bridge piers and hit the ones closest to the banks. Limited on nice fish there in about an hour with slab busters with neon nibbles.

  8. Dwain Says:

    Thanks Lucas last couple of times i was up it was real tough,went route j resivroir caught some nice fish flipping duck blinds figured i’d wait till i beard the fish were biting before hitting twain again.

  9. Bruno Says:

    Zack….lots of deer around the lake and lots of ground available to hunt. Personally the last couple of years I have seen a lot less deer generally being attributed to EHD, but they are still around. Good luck!

  10. Jerry Says:

    I have never fished mark twain I keep reading about that they dropped the lake I will be up next week where do i need to watch for with a boat is it just the creek arms or the main lake to and where should I fish

  11. Doug.. Says:

    I hope you have a depth finder. You will have to rely on it a lot. If you go slow and easy while learning the lake you Should be fine. It is hard to tell you where all the submerged islands are. If you stay out in the center you will be fine but that’s not where the fish are

  12. Erich Says:

    How do you guys target larger crappie on Mark Twain? Just wondering if you need to use larger lures, or if they are in a different part of the lake than the smaller ones. Been catching plenty of 8.5-9.5in ones. Hoping to find some 10-12. Any info is much appreciated.

  13. field frank Says:

    I know the lake is not just for fisherman like myself, but if they have a restricted place for fisherman when duck/goose season is in, then it would make sense to not allow any watercraft past the bridge piers for pleasure boats that just want to go fast, or seadoos that just want to ride around. I was fishing up there yesterday and the boat traffic from pleasure boats and seadoos was not good for people trying to fish. theres plenty of room on the main lake from the dam all the way up to northfork ,southfork bridges to run pleasure boats and seadoos. Plus its a lot safer!!! I believe there was a bad accident a little over a month ago from somebody going to fast at or near the mouth of lick creek from either hitting a tree stump out in the middle of the channel or cutting across a point where its to shallow, and had to be taken out by helicopter to hospital??? Think about it!!!!!

  14. Skip Says:

    I’m heading to the lake this weekend, looking for any updates on the crappie and white bass, thanks.

  15. field frank Says:

    found crappie along main lake bluff walls , they r still in deep water 10-15 foot down. caught 50 + fish from 930 til 100pm sunday. boat was in 35-45′ of water and there just grabbing it a lot of the time , not thumping it like they should be this time of year? Some did but majority of the bite was your line just quit going down at 15′ to 20′. we were using blue /chart jig tipped with chart niblet. kept 30 biggest was 10 1/2″ to 11″

  16. Skip Says:

    Thanks for the info.

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