UPDATE 10/2/17

Lake level is 602 and holding pretty steady. Water is quite clear and about 74 degrees.

CRAPPIE: So far the crappie are still mostly in deep water. 20 to 30 FOW is a good place to start. It seems best to drop to the bottom and reel up very slowly until you get bit. Once you establish the depth they are holding at you can just drop to that depth. Black/chartreuse, pink/chartreuse, pink/black all seem to be working. A minnow and nibble also help. Bridge piers, deeper brush and trees are good locations right now. There are a few people catching fish shallow as well, but most seem to be in deep water yet. Keep an eye out for the birds as they are a great indicator of active shad.

CATFISH: It looks like the blues are starting to turn on. We saw a lot in the 30# range this weekend and even a 40+. There are a great many in the 5 to 15# range being caught also. There are also quite a few channel cats coming in along with an occasional flathead. This bite will only improve as the water cools down. Shad is probably the best bait to start with.

BASS: Not a lot of word on largemouth yet, but the whites are really starting to hit. Points and islands are great places to start. It doesn’t even seem to matter what time of day at this point.

NOTES: Remember, on the 20th and 21st is the Halloween Walk up at Indian Creek. It is a great place to take the kids. Also, over at pond by the State Park office, there are freshwater jellyfish in there. Now that is something you don’t see every day.

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  1. mudman Says:

    Hate to ask this question but has anyone seen any asian carp in the lake?

  2. Rambo Says:

    Haven’t seen an Asian per say. But if u go to the marina an feed the carp u will notice the regular carp from what appears to be an reg carp with an Asian head. The eyes are off set. N they have no wiskers like a reg. Also the head is greenish in color. Cross bread?

  3. Mike Says:

    This needs to be reported to MDC to confirm and try to control early invasions.

  4. field frank Says:

    No Asian carp in the lake as far as I know, and Ive been as far up Northfork as u could go about month ago and as far back as you can get in Lickcreek just last week. Fish Mark Twain lake about 30 times a yr. Not yet anyway

  5. Kurt Says:

    I see a lot of boats fishing the deep trees by the bluffs. How are you keeping a jig in the strike zone? How heavy a jig head? I’m guessing you are just tying up and tight-lining straight down. Thanks!

  6. Erich Says:

    Hey Kurt. That’s how I was catching them last Sunday. Tying up and vertical jigging about 15ft over deep water. 1/16 oz jigs worked fine for me.

  7. Vince Says:

    How’s the fall colors looking up there? I want to get the boat out and see the colors in full effect.

  8. Doug.. Says:

    Only about 10 percent of the trees have switched colors. Most are still green. Might be a disappointment to just come up to see the trees.

  9. Doug.. Says:

    Come on up. Finally the trees are changing colors.

  10. Jay Says:

    I plan on coming up to the lake later this week to get my last two days of fishing in for the season. The family calendar is booked through mid-November, so I’ll get a few days in fishing and winterize the boat :-(.
    Anybody been out since this update from Ron? Have they started to move into the coves yet? Same FOW at stated above? Just trying to narrow down the pattern so I can be more productive.
    Thanks in advance!
    I’m sure a lot of the readers on this site are seasoned fishermen, but here is a tip that I received many years ago from my father-in-law who was one of the best crappie fishermen I knew. Once he identified the depth of the crappie, he would use a sharpie to mark the line right before the reel. He could cast out and monitor the black spot on the fishing line when reeling in. It allowed him to keep his bait at the proper depth and he would add a couple of twitches to the rod as his line returned to the black marking. I don’t ever recall him not limiting out when I fished with him. But then again, that was the early 90’s and I think everybody limited out in those days.

  11. field frank Says:

    I’ve been up the last two sundays and fished the bluff walls with timber , the fish have been pretty deep, but last sunday they were closer to the bluff wall then before, were getting hit at 10 ft deep. last week I tried in closer but they werent there. So you don’t need to be in 30′ of water to get a bite… Good luck , caught most of my fish on pink an white jig!!

  12. Jay Says:

    Thanks Frank! I’m heading up tomorrow morning. I’ll post an update Sunday night as to my results and the pattern I found them biting.

  13. field frank Says:

    Think I may be coming up myself, putting in at ray berhens {blackjack} prob turkey hunt early and crappie fish after that. be in a red Champion if you see me say hello?? Make sure you tip the bait with a crappie nibblet it will make a Differnce!!!! Good luck

  14. jay Says:

    Frank you were right on about the crappie pattern! I fished several hours on Thursday hitting my known spots without any luck. Late afternoon I fished bluffs as suggested and caught a nice amount of crappie just off the bottom in 15-18 FOW. They were right on the shelf drop off where the water got much deeper.
    I kept my eye out for you on the lake, but we didn’t cross paths…Thanks for the above info!!
    Fished early on Friday, and although I didn’t keep any fish, I could have limited out. No monster size crappies, all were in the 9-10″ slot. But hey, much better than the dinks from last year!
    Once the sun broke through the clouds, or increased boat traffic (11am) the bite shut off.
    Again I saw a great number of bait fish in the coves during my two days fishing.
    All the fish I caught had good girth to them, so they are feeding well.
    Clarity of the lake was really good; could see down almost three feet.
    Water temp on main lake was about 67, and up to 69 in back of coves.
    Last report from me for the year. Best of luck to everyone who still plans to get out and fish still this year!

  15. field frank Says:

    Glad u were able to catch some, I hunted til about 9am then went fishing and they weren’t hitting like they had been. only caught two fish where Ive been limiting out, so I moved up near Spaulding and fished the bluff wall coming out to the left and managed to keep 8 nice crappie, however didn’t release alot of small fish. it was real slow compared to the last couple trips, but they got bigger:)Pink an white seemed to be the color??

  16. bob b Says:

    might be able to fish MT in November would fish still be in coves say like shell branch thanks for any info

  17. Mike Says:

    Lots of nice blues……but are any caught on rod and reel?

  18. Bill M Says:

    I caught one once at the South Fork bridge while fishing for crappie.

  19. Mike Says:

    Good job, Bill M.

  20. Bill M Says:

    Mike not looking for congratulations. Just answering your question.

  21. field frank Says:

    was up yesterday and wondering what happen to the crappie bite? I fished from 930 am until noon and was only able to catch 2 crappie , three drum ,and one small bass. The fish were just not biting at all, in some of the same spots where Ive been catching them all day?? Clear skys didn’t help but , you would think u could still get action down deep??

  22. Bill M Says:

    field frank, amen! Fished with my wife Thurs from 10-2. Fished points , bluffs, and coves where we had always caught fish before and couldn’t even get a bite. Tried various depths and bait. Nothing seemed to help. Mary”s minnows wouldn”t even produce a bite. Spent the beautiful day watching the pelicans catch fish.

  23. John Says:

    We fished Saturday and got my limit the crappie were 30 feet deep. After sun came up the bite was over.

  24. field frank Says:

    You must of been there early to catch a limit before the sun came up? wondering what part of the lake you fished? im coming up Thursday which will prob the last nice day to fish for the year, will give report Friday when I get back to work.

  25. Erich Says:

    Does anyone here fish year round through the winter? Wondering how bad the crappie bite falls off.

  26. field frank Says:

    you cant because the lake will freeze usually, the bite has already fallen off!!! I was catching fish all day long two weeks ago, clear skies didn’t matter but like I posted . just last Thursday they weren’t hitting at all in the late morning so I left at noon

  27. Kenny G. Says:

    Was up last Tuesday-Thursday, caught our limit in about 3 hours each day of 10-11 inch crappie. Try lay downs or cribs in 8-13 FOW in mouth of creek channels. Pink and chartreuse is my all year color and has been for years. I never use minnows always use chubs.

  28. field frank Says:

    Kenny, whats a crib never heard that term before? and were you guys fishing the main lake bluff walls or going into coves? Is a CRIB the same thing as a pocket, which I consider a place along bluff wall that has 10-15′ indentation in it, which is usually covered up with log jams. coming up Thursday which could be the last chance to enjoy the weather

  29. Kenny G. Says:

    A crib is a man made crappie structure that we sink in prime locations that create habitat for the fish. Fish the creek channels that go into a large cove. The key is to use your electronics to fine them. Don’t waste time fishing spots if you cant see them. Electronics, Electronics is the key! Maybe you will stumble into one of my cribs. Look at the end of big lay downs.

  30. field frank Says:

    Sounds like I need a map LOL. thx for the info. And I will try pink /chart that’s one color I never use. I do have good luck with pink/black, white/pink, and blk/chart. been catching them on a CRAPPIE ROCKET if your familiar with them. Caught over 100 fish on the same lure and its still intact, what a lure…

  31. Slab Slayer Says:

    Where I come from we call them brush piles or tree drops. Never herd them called cribs. Cribs to me are baby beds or so called place of residence. But I guess I’m old school. Field Frank contact the corps and see if you can get a map from the tree drops from the past years in south fork and Spalding area. Better yet next spring look for the tree drop on here an help out it is beneficial.And they can always use the help in South Fork area. Been the for a couple of years and it was rewarding.
    Hope to be there this spring to help.

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