UPDATE 10/26/17

Lake level is 602.5 and water temp is lower 60’s. Clarity is quite good at a couple of feet.

CRAPPIE: Fishing is still pretty good around deep timber, bridge piers and some are also being caught shallow up in the creek arms. Pink seems to still be a good color but black/chartreuse is also prett good. Minnows and nibbles are both good additions. There are a lot of 10-12″ fish being caught and there is no reason to think it will not continue until freezeup.

BASS: Whites are being caught back in the creek arms and there are a lot of short largemouth back there as well. We have not heard much on the keeper sized largemouth.

CATFISH: There are a good amount of blues getting caught on shad and a few flatheads as well. Goldfish also work but shad seems to be the bait of choice right now.

NOTES: This weekend is the early youth hunt for deer. It is also our annual appreciation party, which will be held on Saturday from 5 till whenever. We always have a good time so stop on in and say hello.

13 Responses to “UPDATE 10/26/17”

  1. Mike Says:

    Sorry about complimenting you Bill M. Since you were offended I’ll return your trophy to Bass Pro.

  2. dave potts Says:

    Is Indian Creek Marina still open to get gas? If so, does anyone know how much longer they will be open and the hours? I tried e-mailing them but got no reply so they may be already closed.


  3. Bill M Says:

    Mike.Just detected some sarcasm in your reply, but I will get over it. No need to return the trophy. You know what you can do with it.

  4. field frank Says:

    I would say there closed , was up yesterday and the core looks liked they just closed the cleaning stations at Ray B. Got ur post SLAB BUSTER will try an come help but theres something always in my schedule it seems like when it is Tree Drop time, its fun to do and if I can I will come. Didn’t know the core had such a map , THANKS. O only fished from noon til 3 yesterday but managed to catch 10 keepers, was tough with the wind, but found a few anyway:)

  5. field frank Says:

    My bad Slab Slayer, lol

  6. Jimmy shaker Says:

    Dave I just went to Indian Creek Web page called the number and talked to a nice lady. Open until Sunday evening. Little home work, works

  7. Slab Slayer Says:

    Jimmy shaker, Jimmy shaker, Jimmy shaker you will never change will you? Same ole sarcastic Jimmy shaker…… I just hope you sleep well at night. You must have been beaten up a lot when you were a child! Have a great day Jimmy boy.

  8. Jimmyshaker Says:

    Every day great reading your posts slub slayer. BTW if trying to give good intel is sarcastic, well just sayin.

  9. straight cast Says:

    Anybody catching crappie or catfish with this cold weather ??

  10. N2Crappie Says:

    Went yesterday and fished the South Fork area. Did not due too well. My Buddy and I brought home five that were between 10 to 12 inches. Water temp 48 to 51.

  11. field frank Says:

    fished yesterday from 930 til 230 only had 8 keeper crappies, threw back about 7 one keeper largemouth, and few small bass. all were caught on crappie rocket red/chart tipped with chart nibblet. water temp below the damn was 57 to 58 fished small coves just pass lick creek bridge.

  12. Kenny Says:

    Any one still fishing coming up Thursday morning for the weekend I don’t hunt but like to fish

  13. field frank Says:

    Anybody catching any CRAPPIE?

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