UPDATE 11/17/17

Lake level is 602.2 and has been steady for a couple of months now. Water clarity is good. Water temp is lower 50’s.

CRAPPIE: There are still people catching some crappie. Mostly we hear out on the bluffs and bridge piers in deeper water. It would seem we missed the fall run of crappie in shallow water but I don’t know that we just didn’t hear about is as much. The bite should maintain until the lake freezes over, if it freezes over this year.

CATFISH: There are still some blues getting caught. We had a couple of them over 40# this week. This too should hold up for some time yet.

BASS: No reports, but my guess is one could catch white bass out around the islands if you tried.

DEER: The hunting has certainly improved this week over what we saw last weekend. As we get closer to the new moon and for a day or so afterwards we should see the best movement. We have not seen much activity as far as duck hunting other than some shooting on the lake this past weekend. Hopefully that will improve as the northern ducks come down.

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  1. field frank Says:

    was up Thursday to deer hunt never saw anybody crappie fishing on the lake. Seen about 8 deer but no SHOOTERS

  2. Skunked Says:

    I fished 11/17. We launched at dawn at “U” boat ramp went to the bridge first, then the trees in the coves, points, mounds, shallow areas in middle of the lake. Left at 2. Saw 2 other boaters at the ramp and one on the lake. Fish were at all depths, could not find a thermocline, visibility was about a foot….turnover or just not holding my mouth right? Water temp was 51 near the ramp and 49 towards the middle of the lake. Jigs and minnows…

  3. mitch Says:

    Interesting you mention missing the lack of a fall run of fish shallow, I have been fishing Lake Shelbyville in Central Illinois. Its pretty much on the same latitude as MTL. I have only heard of three or four people that found the shallow bite this fall. All of that happened the third week of October and lasted four days. Since then the fish are pretty much in their wintering spots. Water level has remained steady the whole time. I like to hit the mouths of the rivers during this time for some shallow fish and it seems like a ghost town this year. No shad, no crappie. We did have one heck of a fall white bass run when the water temp started to drop around the first part of October. They seemed to run up hard and fast and turn around and head back to the lake, and a bunch of the shad seemed to head back out to the lake with them. Has anyone seen anything like this happen at MTL?

  4. Bill W. Says:

    Just wanting to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. May you all have a safe and happy one. Remember to give Thanks to your family and friends,
    as well as the Veteran’s and all the First Responder’s protecting us on
    this day of Thanks.

  5. Doug.. Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  6. Doug.. Says:

    Can you access the river and resivour report? I can’t.

  7. Tightline Says:

    Seems to be under repair or down
    due to inattention

  8. Doug.. Says:

    Thanks, that’s all I needed to know. Not just my problem. My cellphone is acting up now.

  9. Willy Says:

    Are the courtesy docks still in place at most or all of the ramps? Thanks

  10. Mark R2 Says:

    They were as of this past Sunday.

  11. ron Says:

    Corp website still seems to be down. I will try to find out why. Meanwhile, the crappie are still biting. We have had several hardy souls come in with nice fish. Seems like a lot of them are black crappie. We still have a little bit of nice weather on tap but it looks like you better hurry as it is supposed to cool off quite a bit next week. We do still have minnows.

  12. Rob Says:

    Coming up Sunday to fish for crappie and bass haven’t been to MT all year. Looking forward to it. Can someone let me know if the walk ways are still in at the ramps. And has the lake level dropping or rising. Clear and stain? I would appreciate any information, and what the bass and crappie are biting on. Thank you!

  13. field frank Says:

    clear below the damn, lake level is about 601 water temp low 50s, caught crappie and bass in coves to the left of lick creek bridge two weeks ago. fishing jigs tipped with nibblet, had good luck with red/chart CRAPPIE ROCKET JIGS. not sure about the ramps, prob still in with the weather we have had.

  14. Mark R2 Says:

    Docks are still in,as of December 2nd

  15. ron Says:

    My understanding is the Corp docks are pulled but the State Park docks are still in place. They are still catching crappie, a lot of them blacks. Sizes have been good with plenty of 10-11 inch fish. Limits are harder to come by recently but they can be had. The Corp gauges are still down and all they could tell me is they know about it and headquarters is working on it.

    Today and tomorrow is the special hunt at the State Park so if you are on the water I think I would be fishing somewhere other than the 107 bridges.

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