UPDATE 2/6/18

Welcome to a new year here at South Fork Resort. The main lake is open but the 107, Route U, Southfork, and Elk Fork ramps are all iced in. It looks like it won’t take many warm days to open up the 107 ramp. I will let you know when that happens. I heard a rumor there was some shore fishing going on last week before this latest cold weather came in and there were some crappie being caught, but for now at least, that is not happening this week.

Notes- We do have some changes here at the resort this year. We had a small price increase on the units with the cabins now at $140 weekends, $115 weekdays, Kitchenettes at $90 weekends and $75 weekdays, and motel rooms at $65 weekends and $55 weekdays.

Also, I am officially retiring from my day job on March 2 so you will probably have to put up with me or at least see me around the resort during the week. Hopefully that means a little more fishing time too.

We look forward to seeing you all this season.

22 Responses to “UPDATE 2/6/18”

  1. BarryG Says:

    Congrats on your retirement!

  2. BruceH Says:

    Ron, congratulations on your retirement. I’m sure you are looking forward to it.

  3. Field Frank Says:

    In regards to the 2018 Mark Twain Classic , I was told there getting ready to send out invitations soon and the early bird drawing will most likely be in march. Pretty sure they are having the tourney again this year and will be sponsored by Hitching Post and 154 Marine again this year.

  4. Scotty J. Says:

    Good to hear!! Thanks Field Frank !!

  5. Scotty J. Says:

    Also, has anyone talked to Monroe City police dept.concerning the suspect in the thefts that have occurred at the parking lots last year? I myself have not, stolen trailer license plate…Also Congrats Ron !!

  6. Brandon Says:

    Monroe City Police Department won’t do a thing since none of the lake is in the city unless someone had something stolen while in town. Call the Ralls County Sheriff’s Office or the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office depending on which part if the lake it was taken from.

  7. Mike Says:

    Congratulations Ron. Can’t wait for water to hit 55…….will be up to do some business.

  8. mudman Says:

    Sure puts a bad taste in visitors mouth when they have to worry about their stuff being stolen. Also it takes a while to get rid of that reputation of having thieves in the area. Hope we resolve this soon.

  9. Scotty J. Says:

    I had heard or read that Monroe City had a guy in custody connected to the thefts at the lake, but never heard anymore about it…

  10. steven Says:

    Congratulations Ron.Enjoy yourself

  11. Tightline Says:

    Ron, Congratulations but watch out for the
    “Honey Doos”. They can really take up
    your “free time”.

  12. Jasen Says:

    Does anyone know when the Christmas tree drop will be this year. Congrats Ron!

  13. Pete Says:

    Congrats on the Retirement,
    hope I can in a couple years

  14. Field Frank Says:

    Id like to possibly get in on the xmas tree drop myself this year, so if anybody can share the dates it would be appreciated.

  15. Scotty J. Says:

    Does anyone know if the drop locations were posted from last year?

  16. Field Frank Says:

    does anybody know if hwy 107 boat ramp is open and free of ice? Or Hwy U ramp??

  17. Doug.. Says:

    Field Frank, they are still iced up. Doug

  18. Ron Says:

    Have not heard from the Corp yet on the tree drop, but it is usually one of the last 2 Saturdays of March. I will post it as soon as I hear something.

  19. Field Frank Says:

    the Mark Twain Classic two-day open bass tourney is scheduled for Sept 15th & 16th, Early bird drawing will be held at the Hitch Post April 21st @ 5pm. !!!!

  20. Dwain Says:

    Frank do you know what it cost to get into the tournament and is it open to anyone.Thanks

  21. Field Frank Says:

    yes open to anyone, $150 per boat for entrees received by sept 1st. $175 thereafter

  22. Mid Mo Jay Says:

    How are the ramps looking?

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