UPDATE 8/22/17 Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is about 603.3. Theri site is down right now so I can’t confirm. The rain we got did not have much affect on the levels. Water clarity is good. Water temp is low 80’s.

CRAPPIE: The bite has been good if you are looking for meat fish. There are plenty to catch from 9″ to 11″. They are getting pretty solid since they have all the shad to eat they can handle. Solid chartreuse, pink/Chart, and pink/white seem to be working well. Try the bluffs and bridge piers. We seemed to have our best luck slow trolling, say about .3 to .5 mph fishing 15 to 20 FOW. If there is some timber in your path spend some extra time on them. The fish seem to be a bit bigger at those spots.

BASS: No reports of largemouth this past week. White’s are still not making much noise, though I did manage to see some activity in the midst of all the shad boils, and there are a lot of shad boils all around.

CATFISH: With the rain this week the channel cats are again biting at any inflow. Crawlers are a good bet. There are also some smaller blues mixed in. There are also some blues and flatheads coming in from people running lines or jugs. You should have no problem finding some shad to net.

NOTES: First…be careful out there!!! The lake is at a low level and there are lots of places to get you into trouble. There was another accident this week where some folks in a pontoon hit an obstruction in the water and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Luckily one of the passengers, a little girl, had her life jacket on and survived being thrown overboard. BE CAREFUL!

MORE NOTES: We have minnows again. There was a short disruption Sunday/Monday but we are good to go.

Update 8/9/17 Wednesday, Aug 09, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 604.2. Water is quite clear (for MTL). Water temp is about 80 degree’s. It has cooled considerably with this cooler weather we have been enjoying.

CRAPPIE: Lots of fish being caught right now. Most of them are in the 9 to 11 inch range. Plenty of people are limiting out. Find brush piles in 10 to 20 FOW or bridge piers, or even blowdowns. In shallower water you can find them near the bottom. Pink seems to be a good color choice whether mixed with black or white. Chartreuse will work as well. Don’t forget to add a nibble. Minnows are working well also.

BASS: There are some white bass hitting on the points and islands. Watch for the shad busting. Largemouth seem to be a bit tough right now.

CATFISH: Plenty of channel cats to be caught. Blues and flatheads are still pretty tough, though there are some being caught. I heard of both flatheads and blues in the 25# range over the past few days.

NOTES: We are finally through the tournament stretch so now the folks out fishing will be pleasure or meat fishing. You will find them to be more open to giving out information.

Update 7/27/17 Thursday, Jul 27, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 605.2. Water temps near 90. We received almost 3″ of rain this week, but it was spread out nicely so a lot of it soaked in rather than run off. Water should be fairly clear.

CRAPPIE: The bite has been pretty steady. Typical summer fishing here. Once you locate some fish you can go back day after day and find them in the same area. Usually a jig in pink/white or pink/black will do the job. Of course anything chartreuse usually does ok. The most fish seem to be coming from deep water- 20 to 30 feet, but anywhere from 6 to 12 feet down, and even sometimes much deeper. If you are marking something way down don’t be afraid to drop down and try to entice a bite. It could well be crappie.

BASS: The bite has been ok on rocky points casting jigs. We have heard of a few whites but not in great numbers. That bite has been off most of the summer it seems.

CATFISH: We have only heard of the occasional blue or flathead this week but that should be ready to change as they should all be about ready to come off their nests. You know they will be hungry when that happens.

NOTES: Saturday is the Jack and Jill tournament. That is always a fun tournament for a good cause. Weigh in is at the Paris Fairgrounds. They usually have a silent auction and a live auction.

UPDATE 7/18/17 Tuesday, Jul 18, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 606.7 and dropping about 6″ per day. Looks like they are generating from 9 am to 9 pm. Water is reasonably clear with temps hovering near 90. Whew, that’s some warm water.

CRAPPIE: Summer pattern fishing is the name of the game. Depending on where you are and when you are there, the crappie can be anywhere from 6 feet down to 30 feet down. Watch your electronics, and yes, some of those deep marks could be crappie. Pull them up slow or you will kill every single one you catch. If you see shad busting the surface around you try about 6 feet down as they should be right below the shad. Slow trolling from tree to tree can be quite productive right now. Trolling a crank bait that matches the depth you mark fish is also pretty good. Bright colors seem to be best. As usual, 20% of the fishermen are catching 80% of the fish. They are out there and they are biting so if you are not in that 20% figure out what that 20% are doing different and try it.

BASS: I still am hearing some good things about the bass bite. Not a lot of info about the where and how, but people are saying good things. White bass seems to be sporadic at best. Now that the island is in full view maybe there will be some improvement there.

CATFISH: It seems the blues have started back up. We have heard some good reports of blues between 10 and 20 pounds with a few in the 30# range. The flatheads are still slow, but there are a few coming in that are obviously just off the nests.

NOTES: It appears the minnow issue from last weekend is taken care of and minnows are again readily available throughout the area. Chigger Hill tournament last weekend is in the books with the winning weight for 10 fish at 9.38#. This weekend is the Shack tournament. It is likely the last one. They did a lot of great work over the past 13 years and we will all miss this tournament. I am sure the charities they supported will also miss them.

UPDATE 7/4/17 Tuesday, Jul 04, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 615. Water is mostly pretty clear for this lake but there are definitely some mud lines still out there. Water temp is mid 80’s.

CRAPPIE: They are almost to their summer pattern now so you will likely find them suspended over deep water but hanging at about 10-15 feet deep. Trolling plugs is a pretty good option but so is a slip bobber set at about 12 feet with a minnow. Colors will depend on the water clarity and whether it is sunny or overcast. Bluffs, deep trees, brush piles or bridge piers are good starting points.

BASS: We have heard nothing but good on the largemouth bass fishing on main lake points. We are finally starting to hear about good white bass catches as well. Main lake humps, islands, and bridge piers are good places to try. Naturally the evening bite is the most consistent. Shiny plugs or jigs or spoons are the way to go for these.

CATFISH: Blues and flatheads are pretty tough right now as they are mostly on their nests. The blues should be starting to come off any time now. People are catching a few but not great numbers right now.

NOTES: Remember, this is boating season so there are a lot of pleasure boaters out there. Be aware of them. There have been a fair amount of walleyes caught lately, which is great to see, but for the sake of the future catching try not to keep too many. Lets let this fishery catch hold. Remember, we do have our bar/BBQ open on Friday and Saturday nites until 9. Also, this weekend is the Old Threshers festival in Paris. It runs from July 6 through 9.

UPDATE 6/28/17 Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 611 and falling. Water clarity is somewhat stained. We have been having a lot of wind so there are definitely some mud lines. That isn’t a bad thing as fish do like to hang out on the edge of them and ambush baitfish. Water is about 82 degrees.

CRAPPIE: We have started to hear of some decent fish being caught again. Mostly deep summer pattern fishing anywhere from 10 to 20 feet deep. Jigs seem to be working pretty good right now, though I haven’t heard much about colors. We have seem some sporadic 13-15 inch fish even. Pulling crankbaits can net you crappie, walleye, white bass, and even some largemouth. Chartreuse is a color to start with.

CATFISH: It looks like maybe some of the flatheads are coming off their nests. We weighed in a 30# a few days ago. Not much going on with blues right now, though I am sure some folks are catching a few.

BASS: Still not a lot of whites being caught, but there are a few people starting to hang around the island so I assume they are at least getting a few. That bite should start at any time. Largemouth fishing has been quite good with 15 to 20 fish days not uncommon. Try the points as a starting spot.

NOTES: This weekend is the rodeo up at the dam. We have tickets here for sale. The rodeo is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the fireworks being on Saturday night. There will be a lot of boats out there this weekend so please play safely.

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