UPDATE 6/1/17 Thursday, Jun 01, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 614.9. Water is still stained but somewhat more clear towards the dam. Water temp is mid 70’s.

CRAPPIE: The bite seems to be pretty tough right now. There are a few people catching some keepers, but they are definitely having to work for them. We hear everything from biting at the bank, to the submerged brush off the bank, to 20 FOW, 10 feet down. There are still some with eggs even. It seems no matter where, you will have to go through a lot of small fish to find the bigger ones.

BASS: The bass bite also seems to be pretty tough right now. We are starting to hear about some whites hitting, but even that bite hasn’t heated up yet. It should be soon though.

CATFISH: The catch is mostly blues and some channel cats right now. There are a few flatheads getting caught but not in great numbers. The blues seem to be running in the 5 to 30 lb range.

UPDATE 5/17/17 Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 617.5 and coming down about 8″ per day. Water is low 70’s. Water clarity is still somewhat dirty. There is still some debris floating but it is certainly not to bad. You will want to keep an eye open for it but for the most part boating is pretty safe.

CRAPPIE: There are some males and females spawning in parts of the lake, and there are some out in 9-12 FOW. In either place they seem to be hanging nearly at the bottom. I have heard a lot of talk about pink/white jig bodies. Be versatile. Try a variety of spots and methods right now.

CATFISH: There have been quite a few blues caught in the last couple of weeks. Shad seems to be the bait of choice. There have also been some nice flatheads coming in. Not a lot of real big ones, but 15 to 30 pounds are getting caught.

BASS: There are some white bass starting to get caught but they don’t seem to have settled into the normal pattern yet. That should happen very soon. We have heard people saying they are experiencing the best largemouth fishing in many years on the lake. No real reports as to what is working.

UPDATE 5/3/17 Wednesday, May 03, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 622.5 and looks like it is pretty close to the crest. We did not receive much rain at all today so that will help. Naturally the water is pretty dirty and there is a lot of debris floating around. As far as I know the only ramps that are closed at this time are some of the small dirt ramps. Elk Fork, Little U, Lick Creek, #11, and # 20 are the ones I know about.

CRAPPIE: It looks like the smaller ones are starting to bite again. I talked to someone who was on the water today and he said he actually saw some shad busting the surface so that is a good sign.He also caught a bunch of smaller fish near them. Don’t look for them to be on the bank anytime soon. I would look in 10 to 20 FOW. As the wter warms back up things should improve. When it does you will want high contrast jigs, minnows, and nibbles to attract their attention.

CATFISH: Channel cats should be in high gear since they are the ones that like all this inflow. Toss a crawler in wherever you find inflow and you should be able to pull in some of these fighters. There have been a few blues and flatheads coming in.

BASS: I assume they will be acting the same as the crappie. They were getting pretty near the bank and now will be backed off.

NOTES: There is a lot of debris on the water so travel slow and keep a close eye out for logs, etc. If you see a bird standing out in the middle of the lake you can bet he is standing on something that can hurt you or your boat. Wearing your life jacket is probably a good idea while travelling from spot to spot.

UPDATE 4/27/17 Thursday, Apr 27, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is at 604.9. Water temp is low 60’s. We seem to have missed most of the rain and the cool nights is keeping the water temp down. Water is fairly clear right now.

CRAPPIE: Fishing can go from excellent to fair in short order. With the temps fluctuating so much you will need to find the warmer water in order to find the fishing that are starting to get onto the beds. As usual, we talk to some that can get on them regularly and others that just can’t seem to figure them out. Some days they are on north facing banks and some days they are on south facing banks. Minnows seem to be working good and if you are using jigs chartreuse/brown or pink/black seem to be working well. Find some shallow cover or even just some different rocks on an otherwise boring bank.

CATFISH: There seem to be a lot of 20-30# blues and flatheads getting caught. Shad are still a good bait to use but goldfish are also working.

BASS: I have heard people say they are having better days catching bass than they have had in a long time. Largemouth seem to be hanging pretty close to shore in the same area’s as the crappie. We have heard of some white bass coming in on the lake rather than up the rivers so that bite should start to improve.

NOTES: We will start having food this weekend on Friday and Saturday nights from 5 till 9. Come join us for something to eat and drink.

UPDATE 4/21/17 Friday, Apr 21, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 605.2 and water temp is mid 60’s. The lake is MTL clear, in other words you can see about 1 foot down.

CRAPPIE: The males are starting to head to the banks and from what we have seen so far the size is quite good with a lot of 10-12″ fish. Pretty much just work the shorelines looking for any differences in structure and you should be able to find some fish. Because the lake level is lower than what we normally see this time of year a lot of the cover we would fish is high and dry so you will have to find some new cover to fish. If this week is any indicator it should be a very good year, though we all know how quickly that can change. This colder weather right now could even have an effect on the bite. This is the time of year a mnnow under a bobber is a good bet.

BASS: We have heard of some decent largemouth bass this past week. One crappie fisherman caught a 6 pounder while working the bank. Yes, he released it. No word on the white bass yet.

CATFISH: There have been quite a few good blues and flaheads caught this past week so it looks like that bite is well underway. Shad seems to be working well.

NOTES: Turkey seasonn is underway so if you step off the boat to check for mushrooms be very careful. Wear some orange if possible. If not at least make some human noise so someone won’t mistake you for a turkey. Also, we will start doing some food on Friday and Saturday nights. This week will be fried chicken, pulled pork, burgers, and fries. Come join us.

UPDATE 4/14/17 Friday, Apr 14, 2017 by Ron

Lake level is 608.2. Water temp is low 50’s. The Corp has been drawing the lake back down, hopefully in order so they can hold the level as we get closer to spawn time. I am guessing that will be about 2 weeks from now.

CRAPPIE: They are starting to stage so I would start right where you caught them last year at spawn time. Fish out in 10-15 FOW rather than at the bank. As the temperature goes up during the day do not be afraid to try near the bank as well.

BASS: Still no reports of good catches. I haven’t even heard anything on the White bass yet, though I would think they are starting to show up in the backs of the coves near the river channels.

CATFISH: We have been hearing about some decent flat heads and blues getting caught. It is getting to be a good time to float some jugs and then do some crappie fishing while the jugs are soaking.